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#AuthorInterview: Vikash Sharma

Born in Bhiwani, Haryana, author Vikash Sharma grew up and finished his schooling from Jharkhand and Delhi. One of four siblings, he has an elder brother and two sisters. "Its interesting how we all live in different cities yet manage to meet more than 4 times in a year. My youngest sister stays with my parents in Jharkhand," said Vikash fondly when talking about his family.

"After finishing graduation, I pursued post graduation from Delhi and then shifted to Mumbai and joined a MNC there. Its been 6 years that I have been working in the VFX industry," said Vikash whose debut novel will be released this month.
Vikash's debut novel is titled Les Just Not Be Only Friendz (1) and is a story about eight people whose lives are interconnected in some way or other.  The book has its digital launch on March 18 after which the ebooks will be available on all major websites. The hard copy of the book is set to be launched in the month of April. While we wait for this exciting new story to be available in the market, we try to know the author a little more.

Vikash confessed that he'd been writing since his childhood and pointed a very obvious reason behind it. "Since I was born in 1987, there wasn't much to dwell on, technology wise. School books and T.V (with very limited channels) were all that we had at our disposal. As a child, I used to scribble and write one or two liners. They didn't make much sense then. But I was really fascinated by the work of various reknowned writers like Mahashweta devi, Munshi Premchand, Vikram Seth, Ruskin bond and others. All those numerous poems and short stories that I had read since childhood must have kind of acted as inspiration for me in some way," he mused.
So, why a book? What is the story behind writing this story? "Actually, small part of it comes from my interest of writing since childhood as I have already mentioned. However, it mainly comes from my post graduation which I pursued from Noida and because of having good friends, who could be portrayed into interesting characters in a good story, most parts of which are true and lifted from my own life experiences."
Like all of us who love to read, Vikash too cannot name any one author and say - that's my favourite. He however named a few he enjoyed reading a lot and they are Arvind Adiga, Amitav Ghosh, Rohinton Mistry, Khushwant Singh, Shashi Tharoor, Devdutt Pattnaik, Gabriel Garcia, Anurag Mathur, Milan Kundera, Ravinder Singh, Chetan Bhagat, etc. I noticed that he reads Indian authors and I smiled inwardly at the welcome change from people who read mostly foreign authors. 
I wanted to know who Vikash's muse is. Does writing come to him easily? "Writing has so many advantages that if I start penning them all down, I will easily consume a page or two in less than 5 minutes. But the thing with writing is, although its extremely pleasing once you are done with what you wanted to express yet initially, it's an extremely exhausting and arduous task. For some it might be easy but I find it very difficult. And personally, I feel that writers don't write with pen, pencils or their finger tips. They write with their own blood and sweat. And sadly, most of the time, don't get proper accredition for their hard creative work. As for my luse, that would be life itself." Honestly, I couldn't agree more with his views. Every book holds in itself the authors soul, blood and dreams, and these aspects are ignored most of the times while reviewing the books.

Set your priorities straight and then don't compromise or give excuses later. Do or do not, there is no try.
When I asked Vikash about one thing he has learnt from life, the above lines are what he quoted.

While he isn't revealing a lot about the book, he did throw some light to the story for our readers! "This book is centred around love and friendship. The protagonist Aakash is an average performer, from a middle class family and has everything at stake on his performance in next 2 years in Noida. The trouble ensues once he falls in love with Neha. Its the story of his love, friends, trials and tribulations and how he copes up with the mess around him. Its a troublesome love story, wrapped with friendship on the edges." He also tells that he has planned it to be a trilogy and this is of course the first book.
As is evident from his profession, Vikash is a huge movie buff. "I like watching movies, whenever I can. Through travelling, I seek inner peace and joy. Photography, Writing, and learning other languages are my other interests.

My hobbies include - plantation, regular exercise and creating something interesting or worthy everyday."

Talking about how he hopes his book will impact its readers, Vikash reveals, "Since all the incidents portrayed in the story are quite realistic and natural, I am quite sure that the readers will find the story relatable and will enjoy reading it. I am not trying to bring any change in the world. I dont feel that I need to. Although, I hope the biggest impact that I wish to see in the readers would be if they start reading again, the way the old generation used to. Reading should never become uncool. It never was. And so, it should never be."
Quite honestly, if this is the ambition behind every book that is written, am sure everyone will pick a book of their choice and read more!
Before we ended the interview, I asked Vikash to leave a few helpful words for aspiring authors based on his own experience so far. "Its a long process. Keep polishing your skills. Keep working on them. And one day, you will realise that you get it. You will be surprised that day. Enjoy that day. And then again, keep working on your next work."

He further added, "And about the process, well, with the advent of technology and other mediums at our disposal, its not difficult to find the whats and hows about writing these days. I wish you all the best. Hope to read and enjoy your work some day. Cheers!"

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