Tuesday, February 23, 2016

#BookReview: Kissing frogs for a while by Pavan Tarawade

On the jacket:

Being an only child to urban Indian parents, Ayesha is being forced into getting married early. In her late twenties and nursing a heartbreak, Ayesha succumbs to the pressures put on her by her folks.  But will she be able to overcome the bitterness that love has left behind? Will she be able to forgive and forget Piyush and move forward? How many Mr. Wrongs would she have to meet to find Mr. Right, and would she even find him?  A story that reveals a rollercoaster of emotions and the different men Ayesha meets to find true love! Does she finally settle for marriage without love?  How many frogs would she have to kiss to find her prince? Did these so-called princes even exist? Part of a generation that’s caught between love and arranged marriages, will Ayesha come out a winner? 


Kissing Frogs For A While is Ayesha's story - your regular city girl, with a more-than-decent career, good life, single. Almost 30, and single. Yes, this is the story of a lot of real life Ayeshas in urban India, not just this fictitious one. 

Before I get into talking about the story, I must mention one thing. I do not claim to have all recently published Indian romance novels, but from what I have read, they all have a pattern. Especially when the author is a man. Rarely is the protagonist a woman. Usually, men write about men and women authors write have female protagonist. So, that is different here. And to give the author due credit, he narrated the tale from a woman's pov pretty well.

What didn't work for me was the plot. It's been done too many times, and is a part of too many of our lives, specially women. Fall in love many times, only to get your heart broken, all the time ignoring the one true love right in front of you. The path the plot will take is more or less predictable, as is the title, but I quite liked the treatment given.

Ayesha is nursing a broken heart after a recent breakup. She is 28 and her parents, specially her mother, want her to get married. She does too, she isn't a rebel who wants to stay single all her life. But the problem is, who to marry? The one guy she had thought she will, had cheated on her. Unable to forget Piyush despite him cheating on her, not wanting to land up in an arranged marriage with a stranger and at a loss of knowing who to marry - Ayesha is at her wit's end. Then there is Naveen - he loves her and her family loves him. But Ayesha doesn't love him. 

So what happens to Ayesha? Who does she marry? A stranger she doesn't know or the first person who seems a little interested? Where does Naveen feature in her future life? And will Piyush cease to exist for her? Kissing Frogs For A While talks about all these. 

Rating: ***.5/5

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