Saturday, January 30, 2016

The New in Publishing in India: Inkhorn

With the increase in the number of people who have stories to tell and books to write, finding a publisher who will not make you empty your bank accounts or make you wait for months, is a daunting task. While looking for suitable options for my clients, I stumbled across what seems like a very interesting and innovative option in the field of publishing. Recently, while speaking to a friend, I heard of Inkhorn Publishing and decided to check out their website and know more about them. It is always good to investigate well and deep, rather than face confusion later. 
First thing I heard about Inkhorn Publishing is that it's free. So? Isn't that what traditional publishing is? Yep. However, the thing is traditional publishers have long queues and accept only the best. Manuscripts which are not the 'best' are not 'bad'. They are just not the best. Or else, one needs to go for literary agents who in turn will try to sell the idea of your book to the publisher. Alternatively, one needs to opt for self (paid) publishing. Inkhorn has done away with both the concepts and this is not a joke!

To explain how Inkhorn works, there are two examples:
- You are an author who knows what they are doing. You've got your book edited, cover designed etc. In short, it just needs to be sold, but you want a global outreach for your book. Inkhorn helps you connect with the global sellers and they take each get a share of the sales as commission leaving you with about 30-50% of the sale value. This is huge because otherwise you'd be getting only 7-10%. So, practically speaking, you didn't incur any cost and you shall earn better than you would from other modes of publishing.
Alternatively, Inkhorn also provides you with editorial assistance and suggestion as well as help to design the cover, of course for a price.
Sounds unbelievable, I know. But I actually sat and did the commercialism, and it is pretty simple. Inkhorn makes money, when you do. Every book that sells, gets them a fixed commission. 
Exciting? I think it is!
Find out more at: www.

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