Friday, October 2, 2015

#BookReview: Body Goddess: The Complete Guide on Yoga for Women by Payal Gidwani Tiwari

On the jacket:

With our lives our bodies too are changing. Puberty, pregnancy, obesity, thyroid, PCOS, menopause, stress–as women go through different stages of life, their bodies too transform accordingly. So how does one deal with these changes? Bollywood’s most celebrated yoga expert, Payal Gidwani Tiwari comes to your rescue. From the basics of yoga to their practical application in our day to day life–Payal’s essential mantras guarantee not just weight loss but also promise a healthier lifestyle. Designed for all age groups, this book comes enriched with easy to follow exercise regimes and invaluable tips. Body Goddess is indispensable for every woman who wants to look and feel like a diva.


Payal Gidwani Tiwari's From XL to XS was a runaway hit. It's been on my nightstand ever since I'd first read it and it's been my bible. Whenever I do yoga (whenever being the keyword), I refer to the book for the set of workouts.
Body Goddess did not disappoint. The book begins with a foreword by Sridevi who is an inspiration in herself. If you look at her today, she is fitter than what she used to be at a younger age, which is brilliant.
Moving in, the book begins with elaborate and to the point explanation of chakras and kriyas. The kriyas have been explained based on common physical ailments and if you are suffering from any of the ones mentioned, you can easily pick up the kriyas you are supposed to do and obtain relief from the problem. Tiwari goes on to explain about pranayam, how it is done, the benefits, and clear explanation of the asanas to be done for different problems. The book is divided into two parts and this is the first part. The section ends with an elaborate section on suryanamaskar and exercises which can be done for various situations.
The second part is particularly for women of specified age groups. Tiwari has divided the section into four sub-sections. She has addressed health problems and solutions via asanas for age groups of 15-25, 25-35,35-45 and above 45 years of age. Like I had done with her previous book, this book also has multi-coloured book marks which I added during my reading. I know I will keep going back to this book as well. A must read for all women with health woes.

Rating: ****/5

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  1. I'm also a huge fan of her first book, I love how she clearly explains all the yoga poses, and how they help with certain health concerns.
    The second part of this book sounds really good. It would be nice to know what would be suitable as per age groups.
    Thanks for the review Sam


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