Thursday, July 30, 2015

Relationship Goal: Nurture It

~ Smita Kumar
This is how a relationship works... 
Let's take the example of a plant. You can't just buy a plant, water it once then forget about it. And then keep expecting it to flower and bear fruit and look all pretty and nice... 
It just won't... 
It will wither and die... 
You need to water it everyday. You must give it time, take care of it, give fertilizers, show some sun, protect it from harsh weather. Only then will the plant grow strong, bear flowers & fruits for you and look really healthy & pretty.
If you miss out on any of the above it will suffer and in turn will not be able to give you what you expect from it.  If you leave your own plant and water other random plants outside, they might give you whatever in return depending on what you've given them. But your own plant, the one that was yours, will die a slow, painful death. 
And once its dead you won't be able to bring it to life. If you abandon it and someone else takes it and starts caring for & loving it, then that person will get the rewards and you'll just be sitting empty handed.  
Similarly you can't just get married and forget your spouse. Your spouse is just like that plant you got. You must give him/her your time everyday just as you water the plant daily. From time to time, do things together for each other and that will act like fertilizer to make your bond strong.  Protect your relationship & avoid harsh statements, abuses and insults. Talk and share everything with each other honestly. 
This will prune out any misunderstandings and help you both grow.  Only then will your relationship blossom into a beautiful one. If you miss out on these then your relationship will suffer. Don't expect a lovely relationship if you've never bothered to give it your time and effort. And if you leave your own spouse and go out and have random flings, please don't expect your relationship to last. Sooner or later it will end.  And if you abandon your spouse and someone else comes along in their life, you'll be the one sitting alone with with regret and jealousy.  
So please go and care for your relationship while it's still alive and still yours!!! It will be worth every bit if you sincerely put in the time and effort. 

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