Wednesday, February 25, 2015

#BookReview: Half Love Half Arranged by Itisha Peerbhoy

On the jacket:

Rhea Kanwar is thirty, unmarried and tending to fat, who one morning realizes that it is high time she did something about her life. She despises her mom’s best friend, Bubbles Auntie, who always has something nasty to say about poor Rhea, and to top it all up she is invited to all the family functions. To avoid further questions from the rest of her family, Rhea decides to plunge into the marriage market. She meets several guys and every new guy she comes across seems perfect to her for the initial few days. But after a while she starts finding them weirder than the last. Vyash, one of her prospective suitors, freaks out when he realizes Rhea is not the pill, Jay has a super cool tattoo, Mazher is a perfect gentleman and Sid is atrocious in bed, but almost perfect on the outside. But Rhea has been in love with her best friend for the longest time. What will Rhea do now? Will she settle for an arranged marriage or find her true love?


The thing about chick-lits is that the theme is same, more or less - an independent girl, who has everything going for her, except for her love life. What makes one chick-lit different and more interesting from another, is what kind of treatment the author has given to the plot they have spun.  

Itisha Peerbhoy has done a fantastic job in portraying our protaginist, Rhea's life, travails, joys and blunders. This thirty year old is a but overweight and single. Two things any woman should never be, if the rules of society are to be followed. Rhea has a kick-ass job and a family that loves her but of course she is thirty and needs to be married off quickly.

Characters are funny and well-defined. Rhea has two sisters - Pia and Sia. Yes, the usual unimaginative parents. Pia is married, with a baby while Sia is in her confused teens. /Rhea's mother, though loves her a lot, is hell bent on introducing her to an array of prospective grooms. She meets them, dates them for a while, thinking this is 'it', but then gets dumped. From losing her virginity to the first guy she met with her family, to getting into a string of senseless relationships with almost every guy her parents introduced her to - Rhea went from a sensible, independent girl to a girl who had no clue about what she was doing, except that she wanted to get married.

All this while, her silent best friend has been loving her for years without letting her know and always ensured she is okay, but she had been ignoring his love. There comes a time when Rhea needs to decide - how many more senseless relationships! What does she do?

Rating :***.5/5

[This review is for Random House India. The opinions are strictly my own and not been written under any obligation.]

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