Thursday, December 25, 2014

#Giveaway: Winner's Curse by Dee Walker

Christmas is over!!

But we are back with a fantastic giveaway!!

Five copies of 
Dee Walker's super hit thriller 
Winner's Curse

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  1. “Coma” by Robin Cook is my most favorite thriller. It has everything to keep the reader in me hooked. The protagonist is a young student, earnest to learn and find her way, which I must say when I first picked the book, during my college days, got me all excited. I could relate to her (Although Medicine was not my filed. Law is equally interesting, mind you) and could see through the inner workings of a hospital. It gave me a chill when Susan discovers the tampering with the oxygen cylinder and how the bodies in vegetative state were abused for Organ Black Market. I had imagined the facility where the bodies were hung and that picture is still in my memory!! It almost made me make a resolution to never ever get hospitalized. If a book can have that kind of impact, it surely must be the best, right? Cook always blends mystery so well with science. It is one of the reasons why I will always prefer Cook for thriller genre. You are not only thoroughly entertained, but at the end of the novel, you also learn a thing or two about science.

  2. I recently read Private India by Ashwin Sanghi & James Patterson and I really liked it. The mythological angle of Navratri was very well used. The thing that I liked is the simplicity of language used. I got completely involved in the story and couldn't keep the book aside.

  3. The Puppeteers Of Palem is one book that I will remember for a long time. The mysterious source of the supernatural presence in a forgotten village of India and how it grows on everyone was way more engaging and chilling than I expected. the characters , the village , the entwined lives, the permanent sense of evil that lurks in your head and heart and the answers so elusive !

    This is one thriller I would recommend you not to miss.

    -Nimue ( Pratibha )

  4. Salvation of Saint by Keigo Higashino

    Story is told in third person, I was often told that crime thrillers are best told in first person’s point of view, this one however erases that myth off my mind. This way of storytelling gives a lot of room for the writer to change the focus on the suspects.

    There aren’t many characters in the book, which is good. I cannot imagine remembering complicated names of too many people. Bunch of people, a dead man in focus and we are done with entire book.

    Keigo Higashino signature style of telling story is revealing who did it; at the second/third chapter of his book, unlike most of the crime plots where readers keep guessing the murderer.

    One also gets to see “glimpses of Japan”, their society, their ways of living and how emotional they are (not) at times, which I love because it is almost similar to that of Korean people.

  5. One of my recent read by Mukul Deva - R.I.P, which stands for The Resurgent Indian Patriots in the book is one of my favorite thrillers. Book tells events that occurred in current India and few years before. The names are changed, obviously, but scenes are same. You can visualize the drama because of this scenario; best instance is beloved PM portrayed as doll in hands of Ruling Party ka president and there is also son, who dreams of being the PM next. This book is about K’team, team that consists of people who used to be in the army refuge in fighting; against corruption choosing not to gel with the current setup. One guy from army is assigned to kill the K team, so the events that follow between the three groups are what make this novel an appealing read.

  6. The one book which instantly comes to my mind is 'Da Vinci Code' by Dan Brown.
    The symbology, the way he interpreted the paintings, the facts presented and weaved it all into a story makes the book hard to put down.
    Although the end isnt the one which we would like to have but still it was the logical ending..

  7. "Silence of the Lamb" by Thomas Harris is my favorite thriller. I find this piece of work so disturbing and suspensful you can't put it down.

    Lambs - benefits from a complex, multi layered plot. As it proceeds, we realize that Lector knew all along where it had to lead. Author's timing is impeccable, he hits his high notes, then gives us a moment to unwind. We hardly dare breathe.

    The journey in search of the killer is of course an important aspect of the novel, but what readers will enjoy the most is the relationship that develops between Clarice and Dr. Lecter. It's difficult to describe, but it is one of the more fascinating components of the story. While Dr Lecter has an evil streak, something changes when he is in the vicinity of Clarice. And Clarice knows that she has an edge with Dr Lecter for whatever reason, trusting Dr Lecter to a point that they behave as equals. The two play cat and mouse while she gets as much information out of him, while at the same time she gives him information about herself. The game is a race with time, as she has to figure out who Buffalo Bill is before this serial killer decides it's time to skin his latest victim.

    I still revisit the book and The most compelling reason I found to read this novel though is that despite my familiarity with the story, it was still suspenseful. Even though I knew what was going to happen I still found myself furiously flipping pages. It's just that good a novel.

    Thomas Harris tells a wonderful tale that keeps you guessing. Its a must read even if you've seen the movie and think you know the ending, you're still wondering exactly what is going to happen when Clarice risks it all and dashes into the basement.

    BN Gupta


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