Wednesday, December 17, 2014

#BookReview: On Love and Sex by Khushwant Singh

On the jacket:

This selection of Singh’s writings includes an extract from his autobiography, in which he describes how he lost his own virginity. It contemplates on sexuality in India, after having seen a newly-wed couple consummate their marriage on a moving train and the poker-faced account of an incident in a doctor’s clinic which leaves Singh feeling 'buggered'. Also included in this book are selections from his works of fiction - a mixed marriage, a stirring account of a Hindu - Muslim union in Mughal times, and the rooftop massage, in which the masseuse Molly gives Mohan Kumar an experience which she asks him never try to repeat.


It's always a delight to read Khushwant Singh and to read a new collection of his short stories is even more a pleasure. Short stories spanning through his lifetime, set in different places and timezones, amidst a variety of people - these stories throw light on Singh's experiences of love and sex.

From talking about his first love which happened in college, to his days in England where he lost his virginity, this book is candid and unabashedly to the point. But then what is a Khushwant Singh book, if not this! Singh had written about trying out Rajneesh's approach to sex, to a memorable train journey and stories which throw light to his life and experiences. 

A refreshing book, in a very Khushwant style of experience.

Rating: ***/5

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