Thursday, December 18, 2014

#BookReview: Mirage by Ambika Rikhye

On the jacket:

Mirage is a story of an ordinary girl, Neena, with extraordinary courage. She is disdained by her parents for not living up to their expectations inspite of them warning her. She gets into an ugly mess and is disowned by her family. Will she get her life back on track? This is a story of love, relationships, friendship, betrayal, faith, revenge and forgiveness.


Mirage is a story about Neena, a medical student, who is stuck in a wrong line of education trying to please her parents. The story begins with the day of her results, of exams in which she hadn't fared well. Her results were a disaster and her parents devastated. At this point, Neena told her parents she doesn't want to go on with this course any more. Took a while but her parents came around. Neena joined a new college, now to study arts. age old stereotype of one who cannot do professional courses, ends up doing Arts, it's so easy. Well, alright.

Neena goes to college and the story takes the reader through a very eventful three years of her life. The story has a lot of character and each is well defined. She falls in love and wants to marry the man she loves. None of the people in her life, her friends or her family, like the guy. Here, she makes the mistake of eloping and marrying which leads to her family disowning her. What happens next isn't something Neena bargained for. 

Giving a very fresh treatment to a story of a regular girl, Rikhye is indeed a good story teller. Editing leaves a lot to be desired, and good editing would have taken the story up by a few notches. Madhya Pradesh is referred to as a city, everyone seems to be going there. Not to a particular city in the state. Also, Neena's senior from college, Jyoti was supposed to be posted in Madhya Pradesh. But in the climax, towards the end, we see that her best friend is also there. Why is everyone going there? 

The story unravels at a relaxed pace and when you begin reading it, nothing will prepare you for how it ends. I would want to read more stories coming from Rikhye.

Rating: ***.5/5

[This is an author request review. However, the views are all mine and unbiased.]

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