Sunday, October 5, 2014

#BookReview : The Escaped Moments by Jaasindah R. Mir

On the jacket:

Aatirah Rohail Kazi, a fifteen-year-old small town girl of Kashmir, has only seen the grey shades of childhood since her mother died. There are a lot of things Aatirah hates about her life: her cruel step-mother, her dad and her moronic step brother.  For the past five years Aatirah has hidden her troubles from everyone. It's only when she finds Mysha at a social networking site, she confides into her. But now things are getting complicated: Mysha wants Aatirah to solve a complex love triangle between Mysha, Sahir and Tamanna. To top it all off, Aatirah has taken to smoking out of stress.  Would Aatirah be successful at grabbing the freedom of her heart by opening up to a distant person or does the desire of having a friend to confide into have a bigger price to pay?


The Escaped Moments is a book about a young girl. Told from the perspective of a loner, young Aatirah this book is for the young adult genre. Aatirah makes a friend online, Mysha. The friendship grows and gives Aatirah an escape from her overbearing family and her own usual teenage problems. 

I had started reading this book with a fair amount of expectations, I had quite liked the cover and the blurb. Mir kept the promise that the cover and the blurb made, in fact the book surpassed my expectation. A story narrated from Aatirah's perspective, the plot is quite gripping - involving the reader to an extent where you start to believe you are a part of it.

The plot develops a tad slowly which can be termed as downside, specially for someone who isn't really into young adult literature. A complicated teenager, Aatirah lives in a small town with her father, step-mother and a step-brother. Not really in sync with her family, she keeps to herself and her books, music and the internet. With befriending Mysha, she gets dragged into a bunch of addictions and problems from where she isn't sure if she can come out. The end is rather interesting and unexpected.

Rating: ****/5

[This is an author request review. The opinions are strictly my own and not been written under any obligation.]

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