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The Einstein Pursuit by Chris Kuzneski releases on September 16, 2014

Chris Kuzneski's book The Einstein Pursuit is due for release early next month. Presenting to you the synopsis and the first chapter of this book, along with links to contact him. My review to the book can be read here.

The Einstein Pursuit
Chris Kuzneski 


Working in secret, an acclaimed group of scientists has developed a radical new approach to modern medicine that could change everything we know about the human body and its limitations. But such knowledge does not come without risk. When their laboratory in Stockholm is attacked, it becomes clear that someone will stop at nothing to keep this research from reaching the masses.   As more details come to light, Interpol director Nick Dial realizes that the bombing in Sweden has exposed a hidden collective of the world’s greatest minds. What’s more, this group has been operating in the shadows for more than a century. What have they learned during all that time? And why would someone want them dead? Jonathon Payne and David Jones soon find themselves drawn into the mystery. On a collision course with the man behind the massacre, the duo must follow the history of scientific discovery in order to stop a villain determined to use modern advancements to create his own vision of the future—a future where he alone controls who lives and dies.   
Bursting with action, suspense and humor, THE EINSTEIN PURSUIT is Chris Kuzneski at his very best.   

For release on September 16, 2014


Chapter 1


Present Day

Monday, July 22

Stockholm, Sweden

The lab was packed with many of the brightest minds in their field, all focused on a secret project that would change mankind forever.
In a matter of seconds, they would all be dead.
Of course, none of them knew why they had been called to the facility in the middle of the night. Most had assumed a major breakthrough had occurred, and they had been brought in for a historic announcement that simply could not wait until morning.
Instead, they had been summoned to their slaughter.
The assault had started hours earlier, long before the researchers were misled. Guards had been killed. Locks had been breached. Specimens had been located and stolen. All had been done with a surgical precision the scientists might have appreciated under different circumstances—circumstances that wouldn’t lead to their deaths.
Dr. Stephanie Albright was the last to arrive at the sprawling warehouse. Not because she was running late, but because she had the farthest to drive and was on the verge of exhaustion. Over the past few months, she had averaged less than four hours of sleep per day, a figure that included the naps she took when she was on the verge of passing out in the lab. But she never complained. Neither did the others. They knew how important their project was, and they were willing to forgo food and sleep if it meant reaching their goal a little bit sooner.
Tonight, they would give up more than that.
They would sacrifice their lives.
Albright rushed into the lobby and took the elevator to the third floor. She was so lost in her thoughts she failed to notice the vacant guard station. And the blank security monitors. And all the other things that weren’t quite right. Most important, she overlooked the man in the boat who had watched her every move from the calm waters of Riddarfjärden Bay.
He had waited seventeen minutes for Albright’s arrival.
It was time to finish the job.
His detonator was a state-of-the-art transmitter. It was capable of igniting multiple devices from up to one thousand meters away. Explosives had been placed throughout the warehouse near load-bearing walls and columns. His goal was to collapse the floors, one after another, with no time for escape. A smoldering coffin of steel and concrete for those trapped inside.
The assassin smiled at the thought.
He had killed many times before, but never so many at once.
This would be his masterpiece.
With the touch of a button, the charges erupted with so much force he felt it in the bay. Chunks of stone and shards of glass filled the air before crashing to the earth like hail. Columns cracked and walls crumbled as the warehouse screamed in pain. Amplified by the water, the deafening roar forced him to cover his ears, but he refused to cover his eyes.
The show was just getting started.
Acetone is commonly used in laboratories around the world to clean scientific instruments. Most of the time, it is stored in polyethylene plastic containers, but this particular lab was equipped with a customized delivery system that would pump the acetone throughout the building to a multitude of cleaning stations. This setup required large drums of acetone to be housed in the upper floors of the building.
The assassin knew this and used it to his advantage.
To cover his tracks and to prevent survivors, he had rigged the barrels of acetone to rupture from the initial force of the blast. The flammable liquid rained down on the destruction below. Within seconds, the fumes ignited and a flash fire occurred. Flames swept through the warehouse like a blistering flood, killing everyone in their wake. The heat from the blaze was so intense that bodies and evidence literally melted.
Like a crime scene crematorium.
On most jobs, he preferred to work alone. But that wasn’t the case tonight. This project was far too complex for a single cleaner, even someone with his experience. To pull this off, he needed the help of a local team—men to do the lifting and the drilling and the grunt work.
Men to do the things he didn’t have time to do.
Men who were expendable.
He had thanked them for their service with gunfire.
Then he had left them to burn with everyone else.
About Chris Kuzneski  

CHRIS KUZNESKI is the international bestselling author of The Einstein Pursuit, The Hunters, The Death Relic, The Secret Crown, The Prophecy, The Lost Throne, Sword of God, Sign of the Cross, and The Plantation. His thrillers have been published in more than twenty languages and are sold in more than forty countries. Chris grew up in Pennsylvania and currently lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida where he will probably die alone because he spends way too much time writing and watching sports.   
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