Monday, July 14, 2014

#AuthorInterview : Ruchi Banerjee

In conversation with Ruchi Banerjee, author of Infinitude:

•    Congratulations on the book! Is this your first?
Thank you. Yes, it’s my debut novel.
•    Tell our readers a bit about your book?
Infinitude is a Young Adult novel set in a futuristic world. It’s essentially the story of two young lives striving to survive in a world where humans have been driven into extinction.
•    Untouched topic, in a way. At least I haven’t read any female Indian writer’s books in this genre. How high was the anxiety?
Actually, I wasn’t nervous till after the book was published. That’s when the anxiety really kicked in.
•    What does Ruchi Banerjee do? Tell us about the person behind the author.
Ruchi Banerjee used to teach and write but now simply writes whenever she can find the time. Keeping her belligerent five-year-old entertained is a job that takes up the rest of her time.
•    Tell us something about your struggle with getting published. We have a fair idea that it isn’t a cake walk. But how was the real deal for you?
It wasn’t a walk but more a crawl though there was definitely cake involved in the end.
Actually, it was a long hard wait to get my book published and even longer once the manuscript was accepted. All I can say is…it’s good I have a lot of patience.
•    Any brickbats which really hurt, yet?
I keep away from the negative as much as I can and also try not to let the positive reviews get to my head. It’s hard but helps me stay true to my writing.
•    How and when did you decide to be a published author? Was it always a plan, or did you start thinking on the lines when you thought you had a plot with you.
It was always a plan but I never had the confidence in myself. To be honest, there was an interview of J. K. Rowling with Oprah that I happened to watch. That was what really inspired me and prodded me to take a chance on myself.
•    Is it difficult to write with a full time career? How did you time it all?
I used to find time at night. It’s still the time when I’m most productive in my writing.
•    What next? New genre; or you would want to stick to dystopia/ sci-fi?
I would like to stick to the Young Adult dystopian genre. The sequel to Infinitude is set to be published in 2015. I might explore fantasy after that. 
•    Who do you read, who are your favourites?
Neil Gaiman and Margaret Atwood.
•    People pass snide remarks saying anyone can be a writer now. True to an extent, because there is a lot of average and below average reading material out there, but one cannot deny that there are some really talented writers. Does this perception affect writers in any way?
Ultimately, it’s the readers who decide what they want to read. We live in an age where Fifty Shades and Gone Girl compete for shelf-space, which is not really a bad thing in my opinion. More power to the readers, I say.
•    Any to-dos for wannabe authors?
Don’t worry about what other people think of your writing. Listen to yourself and keep writing.

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