Sunday, June 8, 2014

#BookReview : Twelve Hours Of Temptation by Shoma Narayanan

On the jacket:

The best mistake of his life? Being chained to her desk is not how copywriter Melissa D'Cruz envisaged spending the night before her first major awards ceremony. No Cinderella moment for this award nominee - instead she's facing a night of deadlines! But Melissa is determined to get to the event, she just has to work out how.  New boss Samir Razdan catches Melissa burning the midnight oil and offers to drive her to Goa himself. But the minute they set off Samir knows he's in trouble - because being this close to Melissa is already driving him crazy and they've got twelve torturous hours of temptation ahead!


Reading Shoma Narayanan is always a delight! Her stories make your jump, roll over, melt, laugh, blush and rejoice, with her characters. Twelve Hours Of Temptation has a very attractive cover, one of the best I have seen in the Indian Mills & Boon collection. 

Twelve Hours Of Temptation is about our award winning, ad girl Mellisa D'cruz, a Goan in Bombay. She is feisty, she is fun. And she is ferociously loyal to her boss, the man who gave her every reason to be loyal to him. Now, Brian, her boss, is selling the ad agency and Mel is not at all happy. In walks new boss, Samir Razdan, successful, charming, and dangerously good looking. 

While both are sort of attracted to each other, nothing happens for a while. Until, Samir gives Mel a lift in his car, while they go to attend an award function in Goa. Too close together, for hours at an end, both realize that strings in the heart they never knew existed were pulled. Things develop between them in Goa, and here we are introduced to Mel's family and her past.

Situations are what we can easily relate to and so are the people. Mel's struggle with her family, Samir and Mel trying to adjust the new changes in their lives, Samir realising how much he loves her but Mel is already gone from his life and no where to be found - every incident has been written in such a smart manner.

If you love to read love stories, you will love this one to bits!

Rating: ****.5/5

[This review is for PR Pundit. The opinions are strictly my own and not been written under any obligation.] 

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