Thursday, June 26, 2014

#BookReview : How to Screw Up Like a Pro by Abirami M. Krishnan

On the jacket:

 Most families have their share of rebels, adulterers, addicts, ambitious actors, reformed playboys, lovers of exotic animals and the occasional mute, right? Akola Suresh, recently returned from the US, finds that in the three years that she's been away, 'home' has become more unraveled than ever. Surrounded by ever-bickering parents whom she addresses by their first names, aged grandparents struck with all manner of old-age eccentricities, a brother who is narrowly skirting the path to social pariah-hood and a younger sister aspiring to be the hottest new star in Kollywood, Akola is quite sure of one thing-'bonded' is a word they could never entirely apply to themselves. But when old, hurtful secrets are revealed and a frightening incident shakes them all to the core, it's time for the Sureshes to abandon their happily dysfunctional lives and, finally, be family. 


How to Screw Up like a Pro by Abirami M Krishnan is a refreshing read, though I must say, the cover pic is misleading. I had started reading this book with minimal expectations, based on the cover. While after reading the book, I do see how the cover fits with the plot. before reading the book, I had thought that the story would be a difficult to read book.

A south Indian family, with two grandparents, one of each side, two parents both doctors and three grown up children go to buy a house. Kind of a half baked family, as families usually are, this one has it's own typical traits. The three children are as different as they come. The son, Arjun is into computers, the elder daughter Akola is pursuing her doctorate while the youngest Anjana wants to be an actress. The grandparents are an interesting due as well, being the mother's mother and the father's father.

Arjun announces that his girlfriend of a few months is pregnant and she needs time to decide if she wants to marry him for the baby or not. This tangent is one roller coaster ride. The father, Dr Suresh, is shown to be having an extra marital affair while his wife, the famous gynaecologist Dr Parvati is battling her own mental problems and the setbacks they cause. Akola is shown to be the most sorted of the lot, and she needs to handle all these problems. However, she reacts in a way not expected of her.

This is Akola's story but the rest of the characters are equally strong in the story. Very well-defined charatcers, a strong plot and the best thing about the book is, honest writing. No pretences of being a wannabe best seller. The author clearly had a story to share and that's what she did. A commendable job for a debut book.

Rating: ****.5/5

[This review is for Hachette India. The opinions are strictly my own and not been written under any obligation.]

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