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#BookReview : How to Screw Up Like a Pro by Abirami M. Krishnan

On the jacket:

 Most families have their share of rebels, adulterers, addicts, ambitious actors, reformed playboys, lovers of exotic animals and the occasional mute, right? Akola Suresh, recently returned from the US, finds that in the three years that she's been away, 'home' has become more unraveled than ever. Surrounded by ever-bickering parents whom she addresses by their first names, aged grandparents struck with all manner of old-age eccentricities, a brother who is narrowly skirting the path to social pariah-hood and a younger sister aspiring to be the hottest new star in Kollywood, Akola is quite sure of one thing-'bonded' is a word they could never entirely apply to themselves. But when old, hurtful secrets are revealed and a frightening incident shakes them all to the core, it's time for the Sureshes to abandon their happily dysfunctional lives and, finally, be family. 


How to Screw Up like a Pro by Abirami M Krishnan is a refreshing read, though I must say, the cover pic is misleading. I had started reading this book with minimal expectations, based on the cover. While after reading the book, I do see how the cover fits with the plot. before reading the book, I had thought that the story would be a difficult to read book.

A south Indian family, with two grandparents, one of each side, two parents both doctors and three grown up children go to buy a house. Kind of a half baked family, as families usually are, this one has it's own typical traits. The three children are as different as they come. The son, Arjun is into computers, the elder daughter Akola is pursuing her doctorate while the youngest Anjana wants to be an actress. The grandparents are an interesting due as well, being the mother's mother and the father's father.

Arjun announces that his girlfriend of a few months is pregnant and she needs time to decide if she wants to marry him for the baby or not. This tangent is one roller coaster ride. The father, Dr Suresh, is shown to be having an extra marital affair while his wife, the famous gynaecologist Dr Parvati is battling her own mental problems and the setbacks they cause. Akola is shown to be the most sorted of the lot, and she needs to handle all these problems. However, she reacts in a way not expected of her.

This is Akola's story but the rest of the characters are equally strong in the story. Very well-defined charatcers, a strong plot and the best thing about the book is, honest writing. No pretences of being a wannabe best seller. The author clearly had a story to share and that's what she did. A commendable job for a debut book.

Rating: ****.5/5

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#BookReview : Manhattan Mango by Madhuri Iyer

On the jacket:

 Q. What happens when three ambitious, high-achieving, 20-something Mumbaikars become New Yorkers?  A. Madness.  Zipping through life’s ups and downs like a high-speed elevator during rush hour, buddies Shri, Shanks, and Neel hold on to each other, and their sanity, with a bro-hood bonding that chipkos them together, fevicol se.  Neel’s the driven hedge fund guy, with a weakness for scotch and women. Tam Brahm Shanks, a techie, falls for the "wrong” girl. Good Son Shri, a banker, holds a secret he means to take to his grave. Their intertwined lives buzz with high-voltage drama — explosive secrets, super-charged romances, and a-fuse-a-minute meltdowns.  There’s alcohol-fueled passion, Devdas style. Inter-racial hook-ups. Even a fake affair, because money can’t buy the real thing. When their skyscraper-sized dreams are tested, this “desified” saga of friends in Manhattan is like the city’s rapid transit express subway line. You won’t want any stops in between.


Mahattan Mango is the author's story of three Indian guys living in New York. And these guys are right out of pages of most of our lives, we all know at least one such guy living it up in the States. A story about Shree, Neel and Shanks, their lives, their Indian-ness in foreign land, fun, heartbreaks etc.

A powerful narration, characters we can relate with, Manhattan Mango is a visit through the lives of three Indian boys in the US. And as friendships go, these have their own ups and downs, experiences, fun, acceptances, confrontations and the works. They call themselves The Ganpat Gang, because of their common love for a popular song. Along with these three, other characters are also introduced into the plot, slowly. Best part about the book is it's pace. A steady pace and a well spun story, Manhattan Mango was a delight to read. It's not all fun and frolic; life gets it's usual serious twists and turns when more people come into the guys' lives. From accepting Shrre's reality, to Neel's and Shanks' relationships in their personal lives, Iyer has written a very fine, fun story.

One thing though, for a group which calls themselves The Gannpat Gang, these guys form a very sober gang. A racy read.

Rating: ****/5

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#BookReview: Junglezen Sheru by Samarpan

On the jacket:

 When the forest loses its royal family, the inhabitants elect Kapi, a monkey, as their leader. Sheru, the orphaned lion cub, is adopted by Muktak, the elephant, who strives to convince him that he is the rightful ruler of the forest. But Sheru refuses to believe this. When Kapi declares that everyone in the forest is equal and all creatures will be known as Junglezen henceforth, Sheru laps up the idea with enthusiasm and gets down to being a committed commoner. What follows is a hilarious account of the downward journey of the strong. The situation becomes catastrophic when the forest faces the danger of destruction by the marauding wolves. Junglezen Sheru is a delightful fable centring on individuality, leadership and perfection. This thought provoking story also makes one pause to think about oneself and one's relation to society.


 It took me a while to sit down and write this review, simply because I am not sure if I can do justice to it. It's easier to read and understand and appreciate a masterpiece but very difficult to put into words, why it is masterpiece. Difficult, lest you fail to give it it's worth.

I wanted to read this book ever since I heard the author's name. So similar to mine! Silly reason yes, but important nevertheless. Before I received the book, I read a bit abaout it and was intrigued. What  unraveled when I turned the pages of the book was a whole new world altogether.

In Junglezen Sheru, author Samarpan, who is a monk, has displayed fine qualities of spinning a tale with a moral. Set in the jungle, this could be a parallel world to the world we human's live. The day is about to end, when the king of the jungle is killed by the hunters and the next morning all the animals meet to elect a new leader. The monkey is elected.Sheru is the orphaned lion cub, and he has a tough time adjusting to and accepting that he too was a commoner now. This is Sheru's story, and how the actual leaders react to crisis while the real reader emerges at the times of stress.

Henceforth, a hilarious story unfolds. The story teaches courage, humility, strength, leadership and about life. A treat for the readers.

Rating: *****/5

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#BookReview : Knightley and Son (Knightley and Son #1) by Rohan Gavin

On the jacket:

The once highly in-demand detective Alan Knightley has just woken up after an unexplained incident kept him asleep for four years. While he was out cold, his son, Darkus, took it upon himself to read of all his dad's old cases, and he's learned a lot about the art of detection. It's a good thing too—because suddenly the duo find themselves caught up in a crazy conspiracy that involves a group of villainous masterminds (who keep appearing and then vanishing), some high-speed car chases (that will have everyone fastening their seat belts), and a national, bestselling book with the power to make people do terrible, terrible things. But because Alan is still suffering the effects of his coma, he tends to, well, fall asleep at the worst possible moments, Meaning that young Darkus might just have to solve this mystery . . . by himself.


Darkus Khnightley is our own young sleuth, the newest and the youngest in the block. With parents separated, mother remarried and father in a sort of a coma, Darkus is growing up keeping mostly to himself.

Alan Knightley has been in coma for about four years now. A legendary private investigator at London, he was in the midst of an important case, which remains unsolved. Darkus had been studying the papers of this case through the years his father was lying on bed and understand the case very well. When Alan gins consciousness, he along with his friend Billy, are back on this case, this time with Darkus assisting them.

A self-help book is making selective readers commit unexplained, heinous crimes. The mystery seems deeper than what the reader thinks and with every page that is turned, newer complications come up.

What I loved about this book is that young adults can read and enjoy it. And that it is a proper story; unlike the new age fantasy novels kids read. The plot exercises the reader's mind and gives just the right amount of adrenaline rush. Young adults and adults, both will equally enjoy this book.

This is probably the first father-son due of private investigators that is hot on trails of some big criminals. Can they solve this case?

Rating: ****/5

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#Giveaway : Bucket List of a Traveloholic by Sarika Pandit


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About the book
While her B - School batch-mates are busy scrambling for top jobs and grades, restless Sarika dreams of putting on her running shoes and having all the pages of her passport stamped by the age of thirty.  What follows is a frenzied quest of not just collecting stamps but ticking off items off her ever-expanding bucket list, From learning the local language in Spain to an alcohol trail through Greece, from a tryst with Shakespeare and Jane Austen in the United Kingdom to an encounter with the Vampire in Romania, from straddling the border of two countries in the Middle East to a road trip through Morocco to the Sahara, each experience bringing her a little closer to reaching that final destination on her passport.  A journey of falling in love with globetrotting - this one promises to be one of the best roller-coaster reading experiences you will have this year. 

Read my review of this book here.

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#BookReview : Bucket List of a Traveloholic by Sarika Pandit

On the jacket:

While her B - School batch-mates are busy scrambling for top jobs and grades, a restless Sarika dreams of putting on her running shoes and having all the pages of her passport stamped by the age of thirty.  What follows is a frenzied quest of not just collecting stamps but ticking off items off her ever-expanding bucket list, From learning the local language in Spain to an alcohol trail through Greece, from a tryst with Shakespeare and Jane Austen in the United Kingdom to an encounter with the Vampire in Romania, from straddling the border of two countries in the Middle East to a road trip through Morocco to the Sahara, each experience bringing her a little closer to reaching that final destination on her passport.  A journey of falling in love with globetrotting - this one promises to be one of the best roller-coaster reading experiences you will have this year.


I don't know where to start writing about this book. I would say, brilliant and must read. If you are not convinced, read further. If you are, do yourself a favour and go order it. It's been a while that I have read a book and wanted everyone I know, to read it. Bucket List of a Traveloholic is one such book.

I firmly believe one must, must travel. I myself haven't traveled as much as I would have loved to, but I have a fair bit and my own bucket-list still needs quite a few ticks next to destinations listed. And according to me, the best time to travel is in your 20s, before the entire marriage-responsibilities ho hum grips you.

Pandit, in her debut book, has spoken about her visits to fifteen odd destinations across the world - not just the nice stuff but some scary stuff too. Like getting lost in Spain, because of not knowing the language. Or worse, of being stalked by men while on her trip to Khajuraho. This chapter was scary, more since I am reading this book at a time where, well ... we all know how the times are.

Moving on, in Bucket List of a Traveloholic Pandits recounts her trips to Spain, Egypt, UK, Khajuraho, Florence, Brussels, Greece, Romania, South Africa, Israel, Morocco, Helsinki, The Czech Republic, Slovenia and Croatia. From arranging for leaves, to money, to planning the itinerary, Pandit has written the travelogues in such a manner that you will be tempted to pack up and travel. I was! In fact, I created a new bucket list of places to travel (and re-travel) to, right after I finished reading the book.

I specifically enjoyed reading about UK. Somewhere Pandit's and my own childhoods merged, as did our choices of books. I still don't read HP, but apart from that, every work in her recount of her UK trip, seemed to have come out of my own heart. Why else would one ever visit UK, but for a literary sojourn. This chapter, I am going to keep going back to again and again.

Rating: *****/5

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#AuthorInterview : Jas Anand

He reads Wodehouse and dabbles with executive training apart from his corporate life. He has written a book, pages of which have been taken from all our work lives. A truly humourous book which stands by it's title With a pinch of salt… has been written by debutant author Jas Anand. Let's know him better:

Congratulations on the book! Frankly, I was surprised at how much I was enjoying reading it, right from pages 3-4. How did you manage this!?
Thanks Samarpita, for compliment. I had also read your book review and I think, you have got the pulse of the book perfectly right. I have seen that all of us have anecdotes to share when we catch with our friends over drinks or coffee. These anecdotes are usually from our daily lives which end up being uncaptured, unrecorded or in simple words don’t have an outreach to go to readers at large. I thought that it may be good idea to come up with a concept of which identifies the funny stereotypes around us and becomes a platform for churning out anecdotes from daily life. This idea and observation led to development of this book.
Did you frame the characters based on your friends and yourself, or built them on a fresh mould? How did you come up with the witty names?
The book is inspired from our daily lives; but it is fiction and exaggerated (that’s why the title “With a pinch of salt …”). So the people around me over period of time have given me some initial seed of creativity which was later developed and moulded into full-fledged characters.  My attempt was to try something different yet relatable, hence I wanted catchy names that can give some idea about what to expect. Secondly, with these names, and little customizations one can even look at niche international markets for the book.  The names evolved over a period of time and I tried to find that one buzzword for each name, once I got that buzzword then the title just followed. For example, Simon behaved like a satellite that would just go round and round any topic, once the buzzword satellite got fixed in my mind then 'Simon Satellite' as a title just fell in place and so on.
Tell our readers a bit about your book?
I genuinely believe that life does not get tough, we get too serious. I believe our daily lives have so much hidden splendor and humor but we are not able to spot it due our robotic 9 to 6 pattern of living. An observant and a roving eye for fun can see anecdotes bubbling all around. This book is an endeavor to transform the mundane daily life into an opportunity to find some fun and humor. The book is thus about celebrating life by creating humor out of our daily life situations. The inspiration was to present a refreshing take on day to day life and help people find humor around them.
The book is based on observation of funny tendencies in people and then creating fictional caricatures and anecdotes around out of them. Hence each chapter is a character in itself and some anecdotes around them.
(eg) There are some people who can never come straight to a point. If you ever asked them a simple question like what is the time? They would probably reply, “Time!!! This is the most horrible time of my life. My father is not sending me more money, I can’t understand any damn thing in the lectures, no girl ever seems to be interested in me and the hostel food is pathetic. Time!!! It is the worst time of my life.”
This tendency of beating around the mulberry bush has been converted into a fictional character called ‘Simon Satellite'. And yes, there are many more such characters and anecdotes.

Untouched topic, in a way. How high was the anxiety?
Yes, I was certainly anxious. It is an experimental format so that makes it that much risky. Srishti Publishers had the conviction to give it a try and that made it easier for me to follow this experimental format.  It is somewhere between a fiction and a humour. After the release lots of people have appreciated the originality and fresh concept of the book.
What does Jas Anand do? Tell us about the person behind this witty author.
I have been in corporate sector for nearly 15 years now; before that I had done my engineering and PGDBA. Currently based in Manila and I work across the South East Asia region handling business development. I am married and we have 2 boys.  I have varied interests in life such as writing, reading, music, sports and I am also a corporate trainer (which I do once in a while).
Tell us something about your struggle with getting published. We have a fair idea that it isn’t a cake walk. But how was the real deal for you?
For me, it was not very tough in terms of finding a publisher. Mr. J.K Bose liked the concept of the book and he expressed his willingness to back it. However, the publishing got delayed by a year as I had some personal engagements in 2013 and then Srishti had a calendar of books ready for publishing. Other than one year delay, it was not a struggle.

Any brickbats which really hurt, yet?
Not really, every one’s sensibility of humour is unique just like fingerprint. So I guess there will be a small section of readers that may find it ridiculing while my take is that it is exaggerating and as we say putting tadka and mirchi–  I don’t like bland stuff.
How and when did you decide to be a published author? Was it always a plan, or did you start thinking on the lines when you thought you had a plot with you.
I know my strengths well. I have a good sense of oral narration and a good sense of humour to match. Writing is like binding my two strengths together to make it readable.  So I was working on a few projects in parallel. However, the different format of this book and its uniqueness acted as a catalyst. Initially, writing was a stress buster from my existing routine but slowly I developed conviction to be a publisher author.
Is it difficult to write with a full time career? How did you time it all?
It is difficult to find time. The best is not to put pressure on you and do it as and when one can find time. Deadlines are anti-creativity. Initial 50 pages are tough to write and I think after that there is a critical mass ready which itself draws attention for completing it.

What next? New genre; or you would want to stick to comedy?
I am working on a motivational / self-help book next – I think I have a good concept there at hand. But yes, I will continue to write light and humorous books that can bring mild smile and chuckle.  
Who do you read, who are your favourites?
Lots of them – Kahlil Gibran is my favourite. I like reading P.G. Wodehouse, Roald Dahl, Scott Adams and also Robin Sharma on the non-fictional side. And of course, Osho books are outstanding (though its more than a book, it is a voice).
People pass snide remarks saying anyone can be a writer now. True to an extent, because there is a lot of average and below average reading material out there, but one cannot deny that there are some really talented writers. Does this perception affect writers in any way?
I don’t think it should effect; there will always be people who are critical. The safest way is to ignore negative energy.

Any to-dos for wannabe authors?
I think, one must try to break the clutter – we need more experimentation

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#BookReview : Whole Latte Love by Rachelle Ayala

On the jacket:

Investment banking intern Carina Chen doesn’t need any distractions—especially the sexy, guitar-playing barista she rooms with for the summer. Free spirit Dylan Jewell appreciates the delightful universe of women who vie for his attention. His goal in life is to do good, make happy coffee, and help the homeless.  When Carina moves in, she insists on rules of conduct to quell her instant attraction to Dylan. But when her boss asks her to turn Dylan into a businessman, she can’t think of a reason not to take advantage of his hospitality.  Their chemistry is white hot, but Dylan refuses to play Carina’s game, unable to understand how he can fall in love with a woman who puts profits in front of people. When Carina realizes Dylan isn’t budging, she risks all to gain a single night with him. Will her gambit backfire or will Dylan discover Carina’s true heart before she runs away with his?  Set in Berkeley, California, Whole Latte Love is an opposites-attract romance mixing bluesy rock music, hot, steamy love scenes, and financial shenanigans.


I read this book today, an idyllic Sunday afternoon, the temperature outside soaring above 48 degrees C, and I trying to stay cool in the AC. And let me tell you, I had the perfect read with me. 

I love men like Dylan, you know, the ones who have vowed to never fall in love, only to fall hook, line and sinker! So, with this resolution in mind, he meets Carina, a woman completely different from him in every way. What they both have in common is the decision to never fall in love. Carina is our focused young girl, who is more interested in taking care of her health and her banking job, which she wants to retain once her internship is over.

Sparks fly when they meet, and both try to fight the attraction valiantly. Of course! How else does the tension build, only to explode into the most wonderful thing! They end up being room mates. They are meant to be together, you know it. And you want them to be together!

So, Carina now shares the house with Dylan. And his Tarantula. And his other mates! Interesting twist eh? A hottie, who lives with a Tarantula, makes the most sinful Latte and has drop dead gorgeous looks! But Carina isn't impressed. Oh no, she isn't. The attraction is there, no doubt. But it's fought.

A fantastic read, this book will tug the right strings in your heart. Most probably, all of them! If you love romance, you cannot let it go!

Rating: ****/5

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#BookReview : The Emperor's Riddles by Satyarth Nayak

On the jacket:

More terrifying than the savage murder of historian Ram Mathur on the ghats of Ganga, are the questions that follow. Desperate for answers, Sia turns to esoteric writer & friend Om Patnaik. But what begins as a hunt for the killer, becomes an extraordinary trail of riddles strewn across the country, that must end at the gates of an enigma.  An ancient enigma so powerful that even gods would kill for it!!!  In another time and space, rules an Emperor who plays with phenomenal forces that make him supreme…who faces these very forces when they threaten the survival of the human race. An Emperor who must ultimately pay homage to the enigma…   As Patnaik and Sia race from one riddle to another, towards a royal secret that has remained alive for centuries….will the final truth, save them or destroy them forever?  The path beckons. Can you solve The Emperor’s Riddles?


The Emperor's Riddles  is Satyarth Nayak's debut novel, and to be frank, it doesn't feel like one. Of late, I have read quite a few mythological  fiction, and to be frank, I was almost done with this genre. Nothing new was coming in, and this book proved to be different. An intelligent thriller, the book starts off with a murder.

Om Patnaik, India's best selling author, has a fixation for the number 9. Ptanaik's friend and a scholar, Ram Mathur is found dead in the banks of the Ganga. Om gets a call from Ram's daughter, and is asked to rush to the spot. Om and Sia, Ram's daughter, get down to solving the mystery behind Ram's murder. 

This is now. Running parallely is the story of an emperor with powers that lead to be a threat to the entire human race. What is also wonderful about this plot is that it is based on Buddhism, a religion we don't really know much about, in-depth. 

Extremely well-researched, the contents have been spun tightly into a gripping novel, one needs to read if they are fans of either thriller, or mythology or both! Characters are well defined and diverse. Running two plots parallely, that too of different eras, it not very easy. Nayak has done a smooth job in this. The wonderful part about this story is that it is a nice cocktail or mystery, history and fiction. And, that the language is simple. The author has made no attempt to overdo his writing skills and use fancy words, the text is simple and smooth. 

Rating: ****.5/5

#BookReview : Twelve Hours Of Temptation by Shoma Narayanan

On the jacket:

The best mistake of his life? Being chained to her desk is not how copywriter Melissa D'Cruz envisaged spending the night before her first major awards ceremony. No Cinderella moment for this award nominee - instead she's facing a night of deadlines! But Melissa is determined to get to the event, she just has to work out how.  New boss Samir Razdan catches Melissa burning the midnight oil and offers to drive her to Goa himself. But the minute they set off Samir knows he's in trouble - because being this close to Melissa is already driving him crazy and they've got twelve torturous hours of temptation ahead!


Reading Shoma Narayanan is always a delight! Her stories make your jump, roll over, melt, laugh, blush and rejoice, with her characters. Twelve Hours Of Temptation has a very attractive cover, one of the best I have seen in the Indian Mills & Boon collection. 

Twelve Hours Of Temptation is about our award winning, ad girl Mellisa D'cruz, a Goan in Bombay. She is feisty, she is fun. And she is ferociously loyal to her boss, the man who gave her every reason to be loyal to him. Now, Brian, her boss, is selling the ad agency and Mel is not at all happy. In walks new boss, Samir Razdan, successful, charming, and dangerously good looking. 

While both are sort of attracted to each other, nothing happens for a while. Until, Samir gives Mel a lift in his car, while they go to attend an award function in Goa. Too close together, for hours at an end, both realize that strings in the heart they never knew existed were pulled. Things develop between them in Goa, and here we are introduced to Mel's family and her past.

Situations are what we can easily relate to and so are the people. Mel's struggle with her family, Samir and Mel trying to adjust the new changes in their lives, Samir realising how much he loves her but Mel is already gone from his life and no where to be found - every incident has been written in such a smart manner.

If you love to read love stories, you will love this one to bits!

Rating: ****.5/5

[This review is for PR Pundit. The opinions are strictly my own and not been written under any obligation.] 

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#BookReview : That Autumn In Awadh by Rachna Singh

On the jacket:

 Young, impetuous and drawn to each other like gnats to resin, Samar Solanki and Sara Shergill try furiously to avoid falling in love but slowly succumb. All hell breaks loose as Samars conservative Rajput family swears vendetta, locking Samar away on the eve of their clandestinely-planned wedding. They vow to eliminate Sara, the audacious girl who has dreamt of sullying their pedigreed lineage, from Samars life. Through that lonely autumn in Awadh, bereft of hope, fettered and helpless, the star- crossed lovers cling to the faith they have in each other, as they brave many storms together. This novel about love is peppered, generously, with the authors characteristic droll wit as it traipses through sensational turns of events that keep you absorbed till the very end.


The cover of the book, That Autumn In Awadh is extremely soothing and inviting. But the blurb and the cover don't prepare you for what is inside the covers. 

That Autumn In Awadh is a story about Sara and Samar, their love and how the society is out to not let it survive. The book starts in a flashback and proceeds to the present. We have Sara, a small town girl, trying to adjust in Lucknow. She meets Samar, working in the same company as hers and romance develops. Sara and Samar are the kind of people we can easily identify with; in fact most of us have people in our lives who are resemble these two. Characters are well defined, needless to say. 

What we have often read in newspapers, happens to Samar and Sara. Samar's family doesn't approve of this relationship, and are after Sara's blood. The lovers have only each other to rely on, and let their love survive.

What happens? Do they make it, or does the society trample their love? Sara and Samar's love will make you feel warm and fuzzy, and the sudden onset of blood hungry families will throw you off track. You would want them to be happily ever after, but will that happen? Read more to find out.

Rating: ****/5

#BookReview : The Shrine of Death by Divya Kumar

On the jacket:  Prabha Sinha, an IT professional in Chennai, is plunged into a murky world of idol theft, murder, and betrayal aft...