Saturday, May 24, 2014

#BookReview : With a Pinch of Salt... by Jas Anand

On the jacket:

There are some people who can never come straight to a point. If you ask them a simple question like what is the time? They would probably reply, Time! This is the most horrible time of my life. My father is not sending me more money, I cant understand any damn thing in the lectures, no girl ever seems to be interested in me and the hostel food is pathetic. It is the worst time of my life.  In short, this book is like a handbook of everyday humor. It is based on observation of funny tendencies in people and then creating fictional caricatures and anecdotes around them.  The tendency of beating around the mulberry bush has been converted into a fictional character called Simon Satellite. And yes, there are many more such characters and anecdotes, served With a Pinch of Salt.


With A Pinch Of Salt is Jas Anand's take on humour in everyday life. I cannot stress enough on how much of a relief it was to read something different from the same run-of-the-mill romance stories. 

Anand has picked some peculiar characters from his everyday life, animated them a bit and presented them to us. I have read in a few reviews, how the tone of the book went overboard but in my opinion, it was just fine. Because these were real people, people we all have around us. I also think giving the characters names like Simon Satellite, Googly Gilbert, Wally Wordsworth,Goofy Gordon etc are extremely innovative. I was in splits when the author described situations where these characters met!

A crisper editing could have done wonders for this book. I had started reading it with zero expectations, and while I was not ROFL-ing while reading it, there was a constant array of giggle, smirk, laughter and squeal. 
Rating: ****/5

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