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#BookReview : When Hari Met His Saali by Harsh Warrdhan

On the jacket: 

The only magical thing missing from her life… happened to her sister!
His idea of romance is that it is unnecessary.

Tia was in love with her career and her lifestyle in America. And she was madly in love with Hari. But where was the romance she craved?

Simi was the young girl left behind in a small town in India who hadn’t seen her sister for years. She was a dreamer. But what did she really want out of life?

And then there was Hari. Straight-forward and uncomplicated, it felt like nothing he did was ever good enough for Tia. But didn’t every man want an ambitious and successful wife no matter how demanding they were?

Theirs was a love story that was never going to be conventional. But what happened to Hari and Tia was something that nobody would have predicted.

Mix two sisters with bad history between them and one clueless man, to form one whacky triangle, and you get a cautionary lesson in how you should be careful of what you wish for in the name of love?

Set in Los Angeles and Nagpur, India, ‘When Hari Met His Saali’ is a funny, fresh, and outrageous look at young people and their dreams, longings, aches and heartbreaks. It is a fascinating take on the grand idea of love and the reality of romance. In a breezy, humorous narrative anchored around a magical twist, the story of Tia, Simi and Hari unfolds from romantic comedy into a climax full of suspense


 A romance novel by a male author always intrigues me. Always. When Hari Met His Saali was in my wishlist since a while, so when I got it in my hands, I started reading immediately. The cover is very interesting and gives a hint at the fun quotient of the story. But it's not all fun inside. Author Harsh Wardhan has explored the emotional and human sides to people in love, very delicately. The blurb is very interesting and attracts you to read. The story is set across two continents - US and India.

Tia Galhotra and Hari Malhotra are supposed to get married. They are poles apart and  Tia being the more dominant of the two, is all set to mould Hari as per her requirements of a husband. They have dated for six years and now plan to marry. Born in America, Hari considers himself an American. Having made her way to the States, Tia is focused and determined, knows what she wants out of life. 

Tia's family, including mother and sister Simi, live in India. Nagpur. Let's pause here. The author gets brownie points from me, for including Nagpur, my hometown, in the plot! Moving on, Tia and Hari are getting engaged and Tia has asked her family to fly down for the same. Her mother is reluctant but Simi wants to go. Simi is also Tia's opposite in every way - quiet, demure and shy. They also have a bad history.

When Simi lands in the US, to attend her sister's engagement, all three lives change. Hari falls for Simi, and how. What happens next, is worth reading about. 

Being a screenwriter himself, the author has plotted the story very effectively. Characters are well defined and one can relate to them. The two families add flavour to the plot. There is romance, and there are some laugh out loud moments in this story. Taking us from Los Angeles to Nagpur to Pondichery, this is one hell of a ride. A very promising debut.

Rating: ****/5

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