Friday, May 23, 2014

#BookReview : Once Upon A Crush by Kiran Manral

On the jacket:

Rayna De has a lot of things going for her. Not that they're necessarily going well, of course. Her thirties are approaching fast, and her boss could give Satan a run for his money. Her romance life, well, that's non-existent. When Devan Ahuja enters the workplace, Rayna quickly falls head over heels for him. She tries telling herself otherwise, that he's out of her league, but it doesn't work. Why would he look at her anyway? He does have a model-turned-actress for a girlfriend and they seem to be quite happy, what with the page three supplement article which claim so. Her parents aren't helping, not in the least by waving the photographs of Sid Bose in her face, multi-zero salary package, three bedroom house et. al. Rayna thinks things couldn't get more confusing. She needs to think again, for fate has other plans.

A story about twenty-nine year old Rayna De, single, free-spirited, in a dead end job with a monster for a boss and no love life. A Kolkata girl, now living in Bombay, Rayna is what a lot of us can identify with. The book begins with her best friend, Pixie, planning to run away from home for a couple of week, to catch a breather from all the marriage talks at her home. She plans to shack in at Rayna's place and our protagonist is not very thrilled with playing host to her runaway friend, for fear of being questioned herself.

So we have  Rayna, suck with a runaway friend, a family which is giving hope on her for not being married yet, a monster of a boss and no love life. Enter Deven Ahuja. And Rayna's heart, mind and all her insides go animated, come out of her body and do their own thing. But, the woman in his life seems to be the gorgeous model Sharbari Raina.
So now Rayna has a huuuge crush on Deven, whose behaviour leaves her confused, is to say it mildly. Meanwhile. he parents have put in front of her, a Sid Bose, all with a fat pay pack and three bedroom house.

Written in a very witty manner, the author is well known for, Rayna's story, as I said, is something a lot of us can relate with. A plot that has been oft repeated, Manral manages to give it a new flavour. Lots of confusions, misunderstandings, and our regular life mishaps later, does Rayna end up with the gorgeous Deven or Sid, with a dependable groom profile?

If you like quick read chick lits, you should give Rayna De's story a read!

Rating: ****/5

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