Wednesday, May 21, 2014

#Book Review : Kingdom Come by Aarti V. Raman

On the jacket:

How do you kill a man with no Achilles heel? You cut off his foot Tom Jones. Set against the serene beauty of Kashmir, Ladakh and Tibet, Kingdom Come is a gripping story of death and loss, vengeance and retribution, love and life. Krivi Iyer is an embittered former spy and bomb defusal expert with only one regret. That he couldn't catch The Woodpecker, a dangerous, mentally unstable bomber who ended his partner's family. He has a second chance to go after his arch enemy with the arrival of Ziya Maarten, the manager of 'Goonj Business Enterprises' in Srinagar, Kashmir, who is alleged to be The Woodpecker's sister. Except, Ziya is a beautiful distraction and not a terrorist's sister. When a tragedy in London tears Ziya's life apart, she can only rely on Krivi to give her the absolution and vengeance she needs to move on. Between training to be an anti-terrorist squad member and finding The Woodpecker, Ziya uncovers the secrets of Krivi's tormented past. But will two tortured souls find the courage to love?


First take a look at the cover of this book. A couple in love, a blast, mountains and snow. To tell you the truth, I wasn't very sure about what to expect in this book. Then I saw, that the books comes with praises from author Ravi Subramanian. Now that's something! I wanted to know if the book holds a candle to the praises it got, and I was happy with what I read inside.

Set in Kashmir, this is not a book about Jehadis, mind you. Instead, this book is a thriller, a nail biting thriller heavily peppered with a love story. A romantic thriller, and there aren't many such out there. The author has done a successful job of teaming thriller with romance.

Krivi, our male lead is out on a mission to save a young girl. Set in Kashmir, yet amidst a lot of violence, a romance develops. Krivi and Ziya are as opposite in characters as chalk and cheese, yet the sexual tension between them is difficult to ignore. Having had a faily stable life until he faced death in the form of losing his partner & friend to death, Krivi was a warrior. Ziya, having had an unstable childhood, is a very strong woman. Reading about each character and following how their mind works, throws light on how the author has planned and created them. Very well defined characters and a smooth plot, alternating between romance and thriller. We have an antagonist, a scary one at that too!  A very good debut attempt!

Rating: ****/5

[This review is for PR Pundit. The opinions are strictly my own and not been written under any obligation.]

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  1. Hey Samarpita. Apologies for the late reply. Thank you SO much for taking the time out to read and review my book! I very much appreciate your comments and look forward to entertaining you even more with my nexts :) Xx Writer Gal


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