Monday, April 28, 2014

#BookReview: The PM's 'Wishlist' by JK Sachin

On the jacket:

 This is a fictional story of how Sharan Karan, a newly elected Prime Minister of India chooses to introduce his ‘wishlist’ to the nation. Is his arrival destined and is he the much awaited man-of-destiny that India needs ?

The book makes an attempt to understand the psyche and aspirations of the people of India and perhaps verbalises once again the great Indian dream – of taking India back to the pinnacle of prosperity and to its days of golden prosperity. Sharan Karan charms his followers by his words and actions and makes it possible to believe that the road to becoming a superpower is not a mirage. The key to unlock India’s potential can be made even if the original key has been misplaced.

This book dwells on the hard reality that India faces and conveys with a set of brave solutions and seemingly utopian but extremely practical solutions, that India can accelerate its march towards prosperity speedily .The people of India are running out of patience and practices of yesterday are going to be inadequate to secure desired outcomes of the future.

This book covers sound economic and political fundamentals and imperatives in a racy, fictional format and it is difficult to disbelieve, after reading the book, that India can be an economic superpower soon. The journey was not supposed to be easy but powerful elements within the country are plotting so that Sharan Karan loses his job or his life and in no particular order. Does Sharan Karan succeed in selling his ‘ wishlist’ to the nation ? Find out for yourself in this amazingly simple book that simplifies and demystifies complex economics and International politics.

JK Sachin is a clever story teller who can place suggestions, concepts, stories and narratives on nation building, economics and politics in a racy, fictional format.

This book is surely a must-read for anyone who is remotely interested in the Indian political scene whether as a participant or as an observer. The book makes an attempt to understand the compulsions of law makers and the efforts that have to go in for actions to be visible to the people.

The book stays away from taking sides or endorsing political ideology or parties and that makes the book unique and impartial. Working towards uplifting the country and working on Sharan Karan’s `wishlist’ is possible irrespective of your political affiliations because the Indian dream belongs to all Indians. The book has a lesson for politicians, rulers, administrators of any country for that matter because sound economics and populism can be friends, well; this is what Sharan Karan believes.

It is extremely likely that the book will be read by current and future Prime Ministers of India and it would be a good idea to read this book before they do.


A political saga, The PM's Wishlist will hit you hard and force you to think (if you already aren't) about what kind of a leader do we really need. A fearless one? A strong one?

Very intelligent writing, in the form a fantasy plot; I say fantasy because, well...look around. The choices we have for the future PM aren't very ideal. In his book, JK Sachin has envisioned an India where the PM (Sharan Karan) is the an ideal candidate, who is strong, bold and there for all the right reasons.

I am not much of a fan of political dramas but The PM's Wishlist was quite an interesting read. A fiction which one can hope to run into a reality. A very commendable job for a debut writer, this book is also a good case study of how an ideal PM should be. Very through provoking, an engrossing political thriller.
Taxes, girl child, national security etc are extensively discussed in the book.

Rating: ****/5

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