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#BookReview : Be Careful What You Wish For (The Clifton Chronicles #4) by Jeffrey Archer

On the jacket:

When Harry and Emma Clifton hear about their son Sebastian's car accident, they rush to the hospital unsure whether it was their son who died or his best friend Bruno. Meanwhile, Don Pedro schemes to install Major Alex Fisher into Ross Buchanan's seat as the chairman of the Barrington Shipping Company, a seat that Emma desires following Buchanan's forced retirement. The Barrington family firm is threatened by Pedro's intentions just as the firm stands to build its new luxury liner, the MV Buckingham. In London, Harry and Emma's adopted daughter finds love in the Slade Academy of Art. However all delight at the news of the wedding vanishes when an old friend, Lady Virgina Fenwick, appears. Events take a turn when a hitherto unknown Yorkshireman, Cedric Hardcastle, takes a place in the board of Barrington's firm, changing the lives of both families.


The year long wait finally got over and I got my hands on the fourth book of the Clifton Chronicles by on of my favourite authors, Jeffery Archer. The first time I read him, I was in the ninth standard, and the book was Kane & Abel. I still remember being so awed and starstruck by how the book was written. I had just gone to the tenth, and had to hurry through the book, because - study! I remember, I reread Kane & Abel after my boards and this started my love affair with Lord Archer. Pretty late in life, I know. Nevertheless!
I will first talk about what I didn't like about Be Careful What You Wish For. The wait!! Waited for year, got sucked into a mindblowing plot, and now, again! Wait for 2015! I know it's unjust to expect the next book so soon, but the impractical, book lover side to my mind hate waiting. But mind and I, wait we shall!

With this fourth rendition off The Clifton Chronicles, Archer has only reaffirmed - Who is the boss! At a time, when childhood remains just a memory, reading your favourite writers from more than a decade ago, and feeling the same emotions of exhilaration and excitement - is priceless. While most of my childhood favourites have either stopped writing, are no more or haven't been able to maintain the standard of writing, Lord Archer stands firm!

With an engaging title like Be Careful What You Wish For, Archer has brought about a whole new twist (and more) in this plot. Harry Clifton gets a call from his wife, telling him his son has died in a car accident only to find Sebastian alive and his friend Bruno dead. Bruno's father Pedro Martinez, who is full of hatred for the Cliftons (if you haven't read the previous three books, you should) is now more enraged because Sebastian was supposed to die in this accident and not his own son. Madder at the Clifton's than before, he wants revenge and this time his target is the hundred years old shipping company owned by the Barringtons. 

Sebastian heals slowly and starts working with Cedric Hardcastle who is the Chairman of the Farthings Bank. Hardcastle plays an important role in this story and even assists Sebastian in his plans against Martinez. While retaining a lot of old characters, Archer has introduced a few new ones and these form the core of this 387 pager. Some good guys and some bad, bad guys out there to serve revenge as it should be served - cold! A page turner, for me it was difficult to stay away from this book until I finished it.

Old Jack was missed. Hardcastle was molded on similar lines but, didn't fit the bill, in my opinion. There did seem a few parts amiss, but I am guessing all will fall in the place with the next editions coming out and the chronicle being complete. I'd need to read the entire chronicle together, once all the books are released!

Rating: *****/5

[This review is for Pan Macmillan India. The opinions are strictly my own and not been written under any obligation.]

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