Sunday, March 16, 2014

#BookReview : The Mother Of All Books by Rajni Arun Kumar

On the jacket:

From baby bump troubles to nappy changing woes, follow Sense's humorous look at modern motherhood in India. From “Are you throwing up yet?” and “Where’s the belly? I want to see a belly!” to "Do you have milk?" and "No leaking?" , Sense has to grapple with not just her new found feelings with pregnancy and motherhood, but the barrage of oddly disturbing questions and advice from friends, family and so-called well-wishers. This book traces the journey of a young Indian couple through the eyes of the mother. As she goes through a myriad of 'first time' experiences, with often hilarious results, she hopes to get through motherhood with her sense of humour (and sanity) intact. All the while hoping she hasn't permanently scarred the baby.


The Mother Of All Books is a couples journey through motherhood right from conceiving, the narrator being the woman in the couple. A fun read, one would feel like reading the events right out of a diary. A humorous tale, with witty anecdotes, most couples with babies can identify with the book, specially mothers. 

Loads of sarcasm, wit and cartoon representations peppered throughout the book, make it a very happy read. Few bits seem absurd like how the author's friends react when they heard she is pregnant. Seriously, who asks such silly questions? An account of a typical Indian life, with everyone interfering and a young couple learning to be parents right from the moment they get the news.

A fine description of a mother's frustrations, trials and errors, learning her ropes through motherhood and finding what is right for her baby. Written in a conversational style of writing, it feels as if the writer is talking to you and telling you her story. 

Editing leaves a lot to be desired. 

Rating: ***.5/5

[This is an author request review. However, the opinions are my own.]

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