Saturday, March 1, 2014

#BookReview : Freedom From Emotional Eating by Paul McKenna

On the jacket:

· Do you wish you ate less? 
· Do you eat to control your feelings?  
· Do you ever feel frustrated and hopeless about your weight?  
· Do you wish that you felt differently about food, about yourself, and about life?  
Then let Paul McKenna help you!  Emotional Eating is the number one cause of obesity in the western world, but Paul McKenna has made an amazing breakthrough in his mission to help people lose weight.  This amazing new system is aimed at getting beneath the issue of weight loss to eradicate the root cause of over-eating. The programme in this book, DVD and CD set is designed to help you bring about dynamic, lasting change - a gentle breakthrough to help you transform your body, your relationship to food and your entire life. Let Paul McKenna help you to have success and a sense of security and joy that is beyond what you can imagine.  Paul McKenna wants to help you escape from the unsatisfying cycle of frustration and self-medication with food. He is determined to help you find your inner strength to help you lose weight and gain confidence, freedom and emotional wisdom.


A lot of us have put on weight because of nothing else, but emotional eating. We all have incidences in our lives which are from our past but bother us a lot even in the present. And, there are incidents from the present which eat into our minds. And we start eating. Junk, always junk. We don't admit it, and though we know we need to stop, we have no clue about how to.

Paul McKenna tells us how to. In fact, he handholds us through the process. Freedom From Emotional Eating is a book, which comes with two CDs as well. 
The first CD talks has four tracks : 1) Overcome Enotional Eating Trance 2) Listen While You Eat 3) Stop Self Sabotage 4) Emotional Balancing. The four tracks, when listened to, takes one through a peaceful, calm process and makes one feel extremely calm. This CD is best listened to, when idle.

The second CD takes you through the Havening Technique, and as adviced in the book, I too have been through it for five days and feel so much better. I am considering continuous usage of both these CDs. Emotional eating is the number one cause of weight gain in people and this can be totally curtailed. So why not!!

Rating: *****/5

[This review is for Random House India. The opinions are strictly my own and not been written under any obligation.]

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