Thursday, March 6, 2014

#BookReview: An Atlas of Love: The Rupa Romance Anthology by Anuja Chauhan

On the jacket:

Have you ever loved so much that it hurt?  Has love found you even when you didn t go looking for it?  Can love be timeless, forgiving and everlasting?    An Atlas of Love, edited by celebrated bestselling author Anuja Chauhan, is an anthology of romantic shorts that daringly explores the many guises of romance, from its purest form to its darkest depths.  Phoenix Mills takes you through a young man s anguished quest for love; Post-Coital Cigarette makes you flinch at a married man s interpretation of love; and Jilted shows you that love can also be courageous. You will find yourself in the middle of a torrid liaison in The Affair , revel in the euphoria of budding romance in Just One Glance and discover what it means to let go of your loved one in The Impasse .  Love can also be brutal and unconventional as The Unseen Boundaries of Love and Something about Karen will show you. But most of all, as Death of a Widower and Siddharth show, you will see that love is all about hope and taking the leap of faith.  Selected from a nationwide Romance Contest conducted by Rupa Publications, this heart-warming collection of stories urges you to believe that love is eternal...and forever.


An Atlas Of Love is an anthology of sixteen romantic stories, brought together by Rupa Publications and edited by author Anuja Chauhan. Two stories done, and I am in love with this collection. They are so good! And most authors are debutants! 

The book starts with Aurodeep Nandi's Phoenix Mills and it is the winner of the contest which was held to shortlist these stories. The author has beautifully spun a tale and included Phoenix Mills as one of the characters, being an integral part of the narrtor's life. 

Every story has a bit of love, a bit of heartbreak and a lot of those things which fill one's heart with mush. 

My personal favourite of the sixteen short stories is The Unseen Boundaries Of Love by Debosmita Nandy. What began as a story of a person who had tried to immolate self because their love was not being accepted by the society, ends with betrayal of a whole new level. Nandy has written a story, which in my books, is similar to the works of a seasoned author.

An amazing collection of short stories, you have a thing for romance, this is your book to keep with you and read one story at a time, once in a while.

Rating: *****/5

[This review is for Rupa Publications. The opinions are strictly my own and not been written under any obligation.]


  1. Thank you Samarpita for your kind words. I feel truly humbled and immensely motivated.


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