Monday, February 17, 2014

#BookReview : An Unequal Harmony by Souvik Gupta

On the jacket:

02 April 2011: While the Indian cricket team fights on the Wankhede grounds to create history, two men engage in a game of words to determine the future of their lives. Reva a celebrated socialite journalist and Anshuman Mehra creative director of Indias most popular advertising agency are a happily married couple till a car accident relegates Reva to the ICU and reveals to Anshuman the biggest secret of their lives Siddharth Kashyap. A reputed fashion photographer, Siddharth had met Reva a year and a half after the Mehras got married. But what started off as a formal professional association soon morphed into a friendship that transformed into love. As Revas health swings between crisis and recovery, Anshuman and Siddharth retrospect their lives and associations with the woman who bound them together. It is through their reminiscence of the relationships and interaction with each other that we traverse through their meetings, their feelings, their heartbreaks, their dilemmas and their insecurities. However, what looms large is one pertinent question can Reva love two people at the same time?


A story revolving around Siddharth, Anshuman and Reva, An Unequal Harmony is Souvik Gupta's debut novel. Despite being a debut attempt, it was quite a decent and honest attempt. 

A love triangle between the three characters, the story begins at the point where all three are in the hospital. Set in an urban setup, the characters are well defined and the story progresses at a set pace. The plot transits between the past and the present at times, and I must say, these transitions are pretty smooth.

A light read, yet on a serious subject, the author involves the reader into the plot and as a reader, you would find yourself a witness to the preceedings in their lives. Questions arise. Can Reva love two people at the same time? Does she need to chose? Whom does she chose and how does the other react, in that case? 

Rating: ****/5

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