Tuesday, February 4, 2014

#BookReview : The One She Was Warned About by Shoma Narayanan

On the jacket:

There's no such thing as a reformed rebel!   

Shweta thought she would have the whole marriage-and-kids thing sorted by now. But she couldn't be more wrong—her love life's a wasteland! So when she bumps into Nikhil, the bad boy from her past who still sets her pulse racing, she can't resist flirting with danger….   

Nikhil might have gone from zero to hero since they last met—although it's hard to believe from all the gossip about him!—but soon Shweta's hooked on the excitement he injects into her life…and on his spine-tingling touch! Perhaps the rumors are true—Nikhil really is as dangerous as his reputation….


Of late I have read a few Indian Mills & Boons and have been pretty impressed, to say the least. To be frank, I had expected cheesy, sleazy love stories but instead found that the stories are really good and the authors, totally worth reading.

My latest read was The One She Was Warned About by Shoma Narayanan, a story about Nikhil and Shweta, two people who have been together all their school life, hated each other and then met years later, to find uncontrollable attraction between each other.

Shweta, an accountant, was the perfect student, the miss-goody-two-shoes whom Nikhil, the brat, had teased mercilessly from kindergarten till when he was thrown out of school. Coming from a broken family, Nikhil has been everything a girl like Shweta, coming from a strict, orthodox family, would avoid. But that was then. Now, Shweta has been living alone in Mumbai, earning her own living. Will she let her wild side come out and take a risk with Nikhil? Will she step into something with someone whom she has known almost all her life, to be unreliable? Will Nikhil fall prey to this ugly duckling-turned-swan who has re-entered his life?

Decently paced, well defined characters and a fresh plot, The One She Was Warned About takes us to the backwaters in Kerala which are delightful to read about. What I specifically loved about this plot is, that the drop dead handsome Nikhil is not a Punjabi, but a Malayali. There are numerous good looking men all over India, but our plots for books and movies, ensure he is always a north Indian. Over all, a nice, quick read.

Rating: ****/5

[This is a PR request review. The opinions are strictly my own and not been written under any obligation.]

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