Tuesday, February 4, 2014

#BookReview : Error Code Love by Suman Bhattacharya

On the jacket:

“I would give anything right now to reverse the clock by 24 hours but my Karma won't let me, I have to compensate for what I've done.” 
Kolkata 2008: driven by a crazed love, Dev, our next door shy software engineer commits the biggest mistake of his life. Over 72 marathon hours, he loses his education, career, love and life by a single act of madness. 
Bengaluru 2012: years later Dev reaches Bengaluru in search of a better life. Destiny brings him face to face with his first love once again. He chases the same impossible dream only to find himself burning and failing in love. On the verge of losing everything that mattered, Dev fights his sense of practicality and his crazy but limitless 'Love'. Let's find out who wins! 
Error Code Love takes you on an epic journey through the roads of friendship, jealousy, obsession, mistakes, redemption and love. It raises questions allied to grey areas of teen emotions and lets you find the answers within


Error Code Love is primarily about Dev who has just moved to big city Bangalore, where he is to join his new job. Here, he puts up with his good friend from college, Rishi. Dev meets, rather sees Neera and fall in love with her in the first glance. These things still happen in lives of just out of college 20- somethings' lives, I suppose.

So is this about Dev and Neera's love story? No. Neera is in a relationship with Neel and Dev is her good friend. And Dev is in a relationship with Isha, though he is in love with Neera. A dumb Neera, a possessive Neel, and a jealous Dev who in a way was using Isha to get back at Neera. Then something happens which stuns Dev and shatters everything around him.

The plot seems aimless and the characters are not very well defined. The plot has scope, maybe a bit of tight editing could have sorted the aimless rambling which gets in between the plot. A  quick, light read which will give you few good laughs as well.

Rating: ***/5

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