Monday, February 10, 2014

#BookReview : Destroyed by Ishq by Mr. Invisible

On the jacket:

Its not just a cold February morning that freezes all activity at IIT. The topper of the Computer Science batch is found hanging inside his room locked from the outside. A day later, in a fit of anxiety, his best friend erases his suicide note from his laptop, thereby obliterating the only way that could have led to understanding the reason behind such a catastrophe.  The smartest among the group of software experts asked to retrieve it finally gets hold of it, but silently gives up on finding it and withdraws with the stolen suicide letter. What is it about the letter that makes him hide it from the world? Why does he lose himself in the amaranthine ocean of agony and forgets all else on reading it? Love is life giving, but Destroyed by Ishq explores the other side of love. Are you ready to turn the page?


I started reading Destroyed By Ishq in a very intrigued frame of mine; the cover pic as well as the blurb made me very curious. However, the underlying note of suicide made me skeptical as well. The blurb also gives an idea of it being a whodunnit, there being a suicide and the best friend of the person who committed the suicide, erasing his suicide note.

An interesting narrative, the idea behind the story is quiet different and innovative. Characters are well defined, though, the excessive usage of exclamation marks was a bit bothersome. While the frame of the plot was interesting, the story dragged. I mean, love does hurt but that's not all that it does. Morose, unhappy plots do not appeal to everyone. 

Rating: **/5

[This review is for Srishti Publishers & Distributors. The opinions are strictly my own and not been written under any obligation.]

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  1. Excessive exclamation marks= Bad writing. Thanks for the honest review.

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