Friday, January 24, 2014

#BookReview : The Einstein Pursuit (Jonathon Payne & David Jones #8) by Chris Kuzneski

On the jacket:

A hidden collective of the world's greatest minds has developed a radical new approach to modern medicine which could change everything we know about the human body. But such knowledge does not come without risk. When their laboratory is attacked, it becomes clear that someone will stop at nothing to keep this research from reaching the masses. 

As more details come to light, Investigator Nick Dial realises that these scientists have been operating in the shadows for more than a century. What is more, the team was founded by none other than Albert Einstein himself. What had they learned? And why would someone want them dead?

It is a mystery that draws Payne and Jones in. On a collision course with the man behind the massacre, the duo must follow the history of scientific discovery in order to stop a villain determined to use modern advancements to create his own vision of the future - a future where he alone controls who may live and who will die...


This was my first read of Kuzneski and I am happy to say, I am a fan. I need to own the rest of his books, and read them soon. Personally, I love thrillers and The Einstein Pursuit had me glued from page one.

A scientific institute in Stockholm is mysteriously burnt down. The Interpol is called to investigate. Innocent scientists have died, in what seemed like a deliberate fire. A quick read, with very well defined characters and a racy plot, this book keeps you glued. 

A dash of humour, a lot of nail biting suspense and a whole lot of thrill, The Einstein Pursuit ia an action packed thriller which one simple needs to read, if they love thrillers. Payne and Jones get dragged in a case which needs to be solved and while the stakes are high, the villains mean business.

Rating: ****/5

[This review is for Hachette India. The opinions are strictly my own and not been written under any obligation.]

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