Sunday, December 1, 2013

#MB2013: I can cook, too!!

Today is day 1 of marathon blogging with my blogger buddies at Marathon Bloggers. They are the reason I started blogging so frequently, making it a point to write, even if there isn't much to write. 

Today, I have a few photographs to share. I got back to microwave cooking after a long, long time and am happy, each dish turned out to better than expected! Take a look!

His birthday! I made this Plum Cake to add to the already present two from the baker's.

Freshly baked Chocolate Chip Cookies.

This was done last night. Methi chicken, microwaved, from scratch.

Paneer Tikkas, also microwaved (grilled). They tasted quite good, but the look leaves a lot of scope for improvement.

I think I am done with cooking for some time. Oh wait, the husband is making dal makhni right now, while I plan to try my hands at fish cutlets in a while. So much for hating to cook, I know this is a phase, though!


  1. :-) Nice!! Please make your next post about the recipes.. would love to have them!

  2. Everything looks super good! And I'm sure it tasted amazing too :).

  3. oh nice....all those look yummy...i am particularly drooling over paneer tikka. Putting on my menu for coming weekend :) :)


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