Thursday, December 19, 2013

#Giveaway : Starcursed by Nandini Bajpai

bring to you a chance to win a copy of
by Nandini Bajpai

About the book:

In the ancient city of Ujjayani, the planets align to decide the fate of two starcursed lovers. Born under the curse of Mars, brilliant and beautiful Leelavati, daughter of the famed astronomer Bhaskarya Acharya of Ujjayani, knows she can never wed. But when her childhood playmate, the handsome and rich Rahul Nagarseth, returns from sea, their attraction is rekindled under stormy monsoon skies. As Leela, forced by fate to relinquish Rahul, tries to find solace in teaching at her father’s observatory, a fleeting alignment of the stars is discovered that can help overcome her curse. But Rahul is called away on a war to defend his kingdom. Can he return in time or will she lose him forever to the will of the planets? Set in turbulent twelfth century India, against the backdrop of the savage wars waged by Muhammad of Ghor and his band of Turkis, Starcursedis a sweeping tale of science, romance and adventure that will transport its readers to another world.

Interesting Facts About the Book

Set in twelfth century India, this is a historical romance that is richly crafted with intricate details of the time.
The protagonist Leela is a young, beautiful and highly intelligent scholar who forges her own destiny through courage and wit and combats the norms of society character all young adults can relate to.
Nandini Bajpais prose is lucid and compelling, effortlessly transporting readers to a different time and place.
Although set in the past, Starcursed is a story that all modern readers will relate to, with an engaging storyline, well developed characters and an interesting twist in the end.

About Red Turtle Books:

When Rupa Publications, in its 75th year, decided to launch a children’s book Imprint, they searched very hard for an animal, plant or object that would represent the best qualities of these books.
 Fortunately, while hunting under the fat dictionaries and in the numerous nooks and crannies of their office, the team chanced upon a wonderful Red Turtle. Red Turtle was smart, cute—and looked very good on book covers! So they decided to adopt it immediately.
From fiction to non-fiction, short story and poetry collections to quiz books and illustrated books, the Red Turtle imprint will publish for children from age eight upwards and for teenagers. Authors such as Ruskin Bond, Gulzar, Derek O’Brien, Paro Anand, Samit Basu, Subhadra Sen Gupta and Musharraf Ali Farooqi all loved Red Turtle too—and they are only some of the writers we will be publishing in the coming months.

Terms and conditions of the giveaway:

1.   Answer below.

 2. Giveaway is restricted to India only.

 3. Contest will be on for only 24 hours.

4. Decision taken by the judges will be final and cannot be disputed. 

5. The contest is open to all residents in India, albeit residing in places where couriers deliver.

6. Only entries in English will be considered eligible for the contest.

8. The winning entries will win a copy of StarCursed by Nandini Bajpai. The book would be sent within 2-3 weeks after the result is declared. Winner shall be kept updated about the same.

9. Submitted entries should be your original work; no plagiarism shall be entertained.

10. Multiple entries are NOT allowed.

The Winner of
a copy of
by Nandini Bajpai


Debdatta D. Sahay


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