Sunday, December 8, 2013

#Giveaway : The Homing Pigeons

bring to you a chance to win a copy of one of the bestsellers of 2013!

What do you win?

Of course, a copy of The Homing Pigeons by Sid Bahri!
Not just a copy, but FIVE copies are up for grabs here. At the end of the competition, FIVE winners will be chosen by the judges. And? And, all the copies would be AUTHOR SIGNED!


About the book:

In the middle of the catastrophic 2008 recession, Aditya, a jobless, penniless man meets an attractive stranger in a bar, little does he know that his life will change forever…..

When Radhika, a young, rich widow, marries off her stepdaughter, little does she know that the freedom that she has yearned for is not exactly how she had envisioned it…..

They say Homing Pigeons always come back to their mate, no matter where you leave them on the face of this earth. Homing Pigeons is the story of love between these two unsuspecting characters as it is of lust, greed, separations, prejudices and crumbling spines.

Contest sponsored by The Readers Cosmos and Sid Bahri.

Terms and conditions of the giveaway:

1.    Leave your entry in the comments section below and follow all four steps in the rafflecopter widget.

2. Giveaway is restricted to India only.

3. Giveaway begins at 00:01 hours on December 9, 2013 ends on Dec 13, at 23:59pm (IST). Result would be declared on Dec 25, 2013.

4. Decision taken by the judges will be final and cannot be disputed. 

5. The contest is open to all residents in India, albeit residing in places where couriers deliver.

6. Only entries in English will be considered eligible for the contest.

8. The winning entries will win a copy of The Homing Pigeon by Sid Bahri. The books would be sent within 2-3 weeks after the result is declared. Winner shall be kept updated about the same.

9. Submitted entries should be your original work; no plagiarism shall be entertained.

10. Multiple entries are allowed. 

What do you have to do?

Below, you will see a Rafflecopter widget as per which you would need to leave a comment, under this blogpost as instructed. This will get you 10 points.

To qualify, you would need another 30 points, minimum. Once you have done step one, the other steps would be revealed. We have kept parallel options for twitter and fb as we understand some people prefer being only on one of these. Perform three steps here, ensure you have 40 points and you are done! 

In case of any doubt at all, please get in touch with me, on FB or twitter!

1. LOG IN with facebook or your email id.
2. Click on the tab to leave comment, it will tell you what you have to comment about. Comment and click on 'I Commented'. You earn 10 points here.
3. New tabs will open up. You have a choice, you can perform the steps pertaining to FB or the ones pertaining to twitter. You earn 30 points from here.
4. You need to have earned 40 points and left a comment as instructed, to qualify for the contest.

The book is totally worth the time you spend playing these four steps, I assure you!!

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  1. my first reaction would be, *SHOCKED* WHAT !!!! you can't be serious dude !!! do you really do that ??? but why ??? you can do something else to earn .. In today's world money is perhaps everything but being a male escort is not done yaar.. we can try something else....
    *If he is happy in doing that* I won't tell him to quit, as a friend will try to give my opinions... but if he is ok with it then I don't think he is doing any crime....

  2. My reaction would be to smile widely with a wink and say: "So, how much do you make in a month? Do you have to fake an orgasm too? Are your services restricted to females only or do you also entertain male customers? "

    On a serious note, his choice of work is not my concern and will not affect my relationship with him as long as his association with me has been cordial, respectful and non judgemental. The same goes for a female escort too.

  3. If this ever Happens I will be all curious and Jumping around to know more!!!

    Oh yes that's how crazy I am!! Being Male escort I only visualise Akshay Kumar and John Abraham in DesiBoyz!! They are definitely drool worthy!

    Just in case I will also ask his rates and I ensure I recommend him Big time..Afterall dost kab kaam aayenge!

    Irrespective of what you do to earn, as far as you enjoy its still fine! Jab kaam mein maza aaye toh woh kaam kaam nahi lagtha!

  4. I will be like, "That's awesome! You can always count me in when you need someone to party with the excess money! On a serious note, you'd need a manager. I always have free time."

  5. My first reaction would be "Getting gigolo with it?". Yes, I can crack pathetic PJs at any given time. Apart from that, I would be pretty cool with it. If he is my friend, I am not going to judge him based on his choice of profession, as long as he is a decent human being at heart.

  6. I would first scrutinize him top to bottom to see if he actually qualifies to be one, and then punch him and tell him, "Dude!! Why did you not tell this to me before!" I always support my friends, so there wouldn't be any judgement at all.

  7. first i will try to know why he chose this as a career..
    is this what he always wanted or he is just in the mid of something..???
    If yes then i'll try and help him to be what he actually wanted to be
    or else if he is just fine with his new job then that would definitely not going to make any diffrence between me an him

  8. Oh my god...really? *utter sadness* but why. What made you take this path. Yes anything and everything one person does for money is his choice and I know I must not judge you with my opinions...I just wish to know what made you take such extreme step. Does your parents know? Your friends... how could I be so unaware of what all was going in your could you end up like this.
    After a pause, I love you I still love you as a friend of what you are of what you do. I'll always do :) you must now try to get out of it. Love yourself respect just as we do to you. Let's find something for you :) but before that common let's go have wine, we'll dine and hope for a beautiful life!

  9. It would take a moment for me to realise what I heard exactly.After I have taken my time to consume the breaking news i would ask him the reason for choosing the profession(just out of curiosity).
    And also how much he earns...:-P But yes,he is a friend and he will remain one no matter what.

  10. If he said so, I will advice him that do not publicize it like this and will give him the example of a perfect male escort that is myself and would say to him, 'Hey bro, have I told you ever that I am in this business too?' :P

    1. Hi Sandeep,

      You have won this contest, please mail me your address to


  11. Scream out a "whaaat!" first. Laugh a lot after that. Then probably talk out lightly about his experiences. Pass on numbers to tease him. Can't really judge friends, right? I wouldn't like my friends behaving differently because of a offbeat profession I chose, so won't really be that person myself. :)

  12. The same way I would talk to him normally; determine if they wanted to leave that business or not, help if I could. I wouldn't judge them. Will be proud that he is doing some work rather than killing people for money!

  13. It is very Obvious if your friend comes and tell you this, you will be SHOCKED before you utter any word. I will then look him with a microscopic view from tip to toe, listening to him, how he started all this and does it really makes him happy and all.

    Slowly when he is comfortable with me sharing about his work, i will slightly throw the question about his rates ;) But then i will try not to hamper our friendship as long as he is associated with me. Because being a friend, if he can share his secret with me, i will ensure him that his secret is safe. Knowing the fact what he does and makes him happy should not really affect our friendship.

  14. At first would clap my hands over my mouth and say "Whaat?you are serious,no?"I would never give him sympathy for his choice of job.I would tell him,"At least you are not from those who watches porn and teases women.You can enjoy your job and at the same time earn from it".
    As a gossip monger,I would ask him whether he is treating some celeb or not!!!
    I have heard too many things about male escorts.So,I would ask him to tell me the mysterious side of gigolos.
    On a final note,I would never feel ashamed for his choice of career,I would always respect his decision :)

  15. That would be very interesting. Actually,my reaction would depend on who the friend is. I might get shocked,or I might be completely aloof. However,if it's one of my closest friends,the pervert in me would want all the juicy *ahmm* details. Then I'd also wanna know the names of the people he's providing his services to. He'd tell me stories about some of those people;how one of his clients is a cheapskate or how one of his clients is a closet gay but pretends to be happily married to his wife (yes,he might have male clients too).

  16. Though I will be shocked after hearing this but thn as he is my friend so I will ask him why he became that thing ?

    I would support him and try to talk about it that what made him end up there and if I can do anything for him, within reason & Will also try to figure out what can be done to remove him from such occupation..

  17. Will be SHOCKED but the very next moment why I will think about all the pleasure he will getting. I will definitely ask him, whether the clients are only female or male too? But then after all the pervert talking if we think deeply it does involve lot of emotional being. No body out of fun would like to work as an escort be it male or female, lack of financial support could be the prime reason. Imagine after marriage his wife gets to know about this or 15 years down the line his son/daughter comes across such ugly truth. I would be consoling him and will keep the secret with just as the way it should be kept.

  18. Honestly, I would react very strongly. I would be shocked, upset and then angry. I would definitely ask him a lot of questions like
    "What made him take up this as a profession?"
    "What does he exactly have to do as a male escort?"
    "If it does involve any sex, is he practicing safe sex, etc?"

    Though I would be upset but not condescending about his choice of profession, it would still not affect the dynamics of our friendship later on. Initially, it will need a lot of understanding on my part to accept and be non- judgmental about him. I would be more concerned about his health rather than his choice of profession or the amount of money he makes! I would also ask him if this is something he is doing out of choice or compulsion (needs more money,etc). and if he says its out of compulsion, I would definitely try to help him out emotionally and financially.

  19. I would be happy that he chose the profession that engineers are actually suited for!
    Jokes apart, I would make him comfortable by assuring him that I won't judge him for whatever he is doing. I will also ask him to share the funniest incidents that he has encountered in his work so far. I would also ask him if he is planning for Bigg Boss entry anytime soon.
    Lastly, I would want to know if he wishes to continue in this profession or not. If he wanted to shift gears, I would try my best to help him out.

  20. In this surprisingly astonishing world, what is to another shock, they keep coming through anyway. The shell shocked emotion would be for a while, but then he is my friend so i will accept that within some time, the curiosity will race me through the questions i want to ask him. But the BIGGER picture always remains that he's a FRIEND.

  21. This contest has ended now. Thanks for your participation. :-)

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