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#Giveaway: Amreekan Desi

Words’ Worth By Samarpita and Amreekan Desi are here with a fun contest.

What do you win?

Not just a copy, but FIVE copies are up for grabs here. At the end of the competition, FIVE winners will be chosen by the judge (the author). And? And, all the copies would be AUTHOR SIGNED!


About Amreekan Desi:

Akhil Arora, a young, dorky engineer in Delhi, can’t wait to get away from home and prove to his folks that he can be on his own. Meanwhile in a small town in Punjab, Jaspreet Singh, aka Jassi, is busy dreaming of a life straight out of American Pie. As fate would have it, they end up as roommates in Florida. But the two boys are poles apart in their perspectives and expectations of America. While Akhil is fiercely patriotic and hopes to come back to India in a few years, Jassi finds his Indian identity an uncomfortable burden and looks forward to finding an American girl with whom he can live happily ever after.

Laced with funny anecdotes and witty insights, Amreekandesi chronicles the quintessential immigrant experience, highlighting the clash of cultures, the search for identity, and the quest for survival in a foreign land.

What do you have to do?

Tell us how creative and funny you are. We dig wit. Keep us in splits and a crown..err, book is yours!

1.   Tell us one funny incident from the first time you went out of your comfort zone. Could be to study, to work, preferably in another city. Even if you have always lived with your family, there are always people keeping us in splits, be it at work, or at college. Tell us about them! Make sure they are from a new phase of your life!

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Terms and conditions of the giveaway:

1.    Leave your entry in the comments section below.

 2. Giveaway is restricted to India only.

 3. Giveaway ends on December 4, 2013 at 13:00 hours (IST). Result would be declared on December 7, 2013.

4. The contest will be judged by author Atulya Mahajan. Decision taken by the judge will be final and cannot be disputed. 

5. The contest is open to all residents in India, albeit residing in places where couriers deliver.

6. Only entries in English will be considered eligible for the contest.

8. The winning entries will win a copy each of Amreekan Desi, signed by the author. The book would be sent within 2-3 weeks after the result is declared. Winners shall be kept updated about the same.

9. Submitted entries should be your original work; no plagiarism shall be entertained.

10. Multiple entries are allowed, say, three entries per person, max.



  1. This incident took place when I was being interviewed for Deloitte at my campus. Staying away from home, I was not subjected to those aarti-tilak-curd-sugar rituals by my mother, even though I was really looking forward to get into this firm and hence, I needed a lot of luck.

    Being the Placement Coordinator of my branch, I was supposed to wear an ID card around my neck to distinguish myself from other interviewees of my batch (that's the only rule of the campus that I enjoyed *smirks*) . Also, it was my responsibility to take care of all the arrangements for the placement process- logistics, hospitality bookings etc. So I was pretty busy that day. I was rushing here and there and had kept my ID card inside my shirt-pocket instead of wearing it.

    Sometime later, the interview process started. I was the first to be interviewed and I was ushered into the room soon. This is how the conversation went:

    "Hello Soumya. Please take a seat."

    "Thank you, Sir."

    "Don't call me Sir, call me by my first name. It's Sunil."


    *few comments later*

    "So tell me, why do you want to join Deloitte?"

    "Because it has been my dream to get into this since I was in third year and was getting to know of the IT industry. I concluded that I would like to go work for a company where there exists the right blend of technical and management aspects of the sector. And from the feedback I have received, I realized that Deloitte is just where I should be. Plus a lot is heard about the work culture and the people bonding of the firm, hence it has been my dream to join Deloitte."

    "Impressive. But how did you get to know so much about us right during your 3rd year?"

    "I used to keep track of the placements of my seniors and observe the trends very closely. "

    "But did you do any specific apart from just keeping a keen observation?"

    "I did. I interviewed for the post of the Placement Coordinator and was selected to represent my branch. That way I got closer to the industry trends and the expectations big corporate houses have on us freshers. This helped me prepare well."

    "I see. But , you said you're a Placement Coordinator...why don't I see any distinct entity of identification on you?"

    At this point, I got really sweaty. I mean, of all people, someone from outside my campus has pointed out something that I was supposed to keep up to the mark. I realized that the card was inside my shirt pocket. I decided to take it out.

    Now here is the thing with me when I get sweaty: I get temporary Parkinson's disease. So when I reached for the ID card, my hands were shaking as if I were a human drill-machine. I took the card in my hands, and while shaking terribly, I meekly placed it in front of the interviewer.

    "Ah. I see. "


    "I am sorry, what?"


    I was making typos with my speech combined with the inflated pitch. The interviewer handed me the glass of water that was placed for him. I hysterically gulped down the whole water.

    Then we stared at each other. And then all of a sudden, he burst out laughing. I don't know what struck me but I joined in as well. We were laughing like crazy. He shared a similar anecdote with me which he himself had faced few years back.

    *3 minutes later*

    "Ahaha-- haha-*sniff* okay, so Soumya, can you write a recursive function to find the factorial of a number?"


    The next interview went really well. I was selected and I'm currently working with the firm.

  2. I have lived most of my life at Boarding Schools but when I shifted to Mangalore for my + 1 and 2, it was different as this time, my siblings hadn't accompanied me. That was also the time when I started wearing Salwar Kameez (because of local bus commute). This was moving away from my usual skirts / shorts / jeans that I was so used to.

    We girls went out one evening to do some shopping, err.. okay, we went out to check some guys out. Okay, not guys, this one particular guy at a shoe shop (Boots, Hampankatta), who I used to see every day from the window of Local Bus No.36 (Urva Market Route Bus). Oh well, that age! It was a new phase! That day I also thought it would help me a great deal if I wear sandals with heels as opposed to my regular flat slip-ons / pumps.

    We reached the shop and the guy was there too. That exact moment the “naada (the string)” of my salwar came off. As I tried to rush outside, the strap of my sandals came off. I tripped. Don’t ask me how I managed to hold that salwar till I got a rickshaw.

    So much for excitement :-/ I couldn't bring myself to look at that guy. My friends later told me he was grinning. Do I really need to say that I never sat at that window seat in the bus ever again?

  3. Topic is Funny incidents! Well funny incidents can happen have you have Punjabi girls with you acting like 'Geet' from Jab We Met. Yes, you read it correct, it was in October 2007 that I read Imtiaz Ali saying, "Geet was inspired from his DU classmates" and I second that.

    I joined GGS College in DU in 2008, even after considering Delhi as second home all my life, it was only in college that I found ‘real’ Delhi girls. Killer attitude, ‘ekdum Phattak’, proper make up be it foundation, lip gloss or kohl (nothing less, nothing more).

    Getting back to funny incidents, two are really close to my heart because even today when I recall them I laugh like an idiot for hours (just remembering what we actually did at those moments).

    In Delhi, rickshaw wallas take undue advantage considering you as outsider. They ask for high fare but they don’t know ‘unke baap hai hum’. Whenever rickshaw wala asks more just say “Bhaiya! Pehli baar jaa rhe ho yaa naye aaye ho?” it works like all the time.

    A random day, I asked rickshaw wala if he will go to Shalimar Bagh, my friend Sweety is resident of Shalimar Bagh.

    Me: Bhaiya! Shaalimar Bagh? Do swaari hai.
    Rickawallah: 50 rupay
    Sweety said: 50 RUPAY ??? APNI MAA KO LE JAA BITHAA KE.

    I just burst out in laughter. HAHAHAHAHAHA

    Another day, my friend Armeet asked rickshwallah, “Bhaiya! Mukherjee Nagar chalogey?”
    He replied, hanji madam 15 rupay.
    Armeet (in surprise), nahi bhaiyaa wahaan ke toh 20 rupay lagte hai.
    I was clueless how to react and ended up laughing.

    Delhi is fun so are people in Delhi. Be it college or Metro, every day you come across incidents/people/characters that can just make your day and bring a smile on your face recalling that. I am happy I know people who actually are their own favourite, who can actually ask, ‘Acchha main tumhe kaisi lagti hoon? Mera matlab ekdum phattak’,

  4. My incident actually happened in Amreeka itself. Couple of days after landing and eating the worst possible tuna sub at Subway (both tuna and sub being firsts for me), walked down to the university student coordinator as a nervous graduate student.

    Me: Erm, Hi,...Can I have the schedule for new grad students?

    Petite blonde girl: I'm sorry?

    Me: (Repeat sentence)

    Blondie: I'm sorry?

    Me: *to myself* You'd rather be , (pause) I was asking about the new student schedule. (Aloud)

    Blondie: You mean "ske-je-ul"?

    Me: *to myself* What the hell? (pause) Yeah, "ske-je-ul" (Aloud)

    Blondie: Here you go. Welcome to the unviersity.

    The saga of 'ske-je-ul' and 'Zee' (for Z) thus began and somehow I still pronounce them so :~}

  5. Feb'02.New York City.

    The city is buried under 2ft snow from the previous night. Cold winds have turned it into a muck of ice. Every breath I took meant taking in air straight from the Atlantic currents. Cold. Very cold. Walking down the Bowery, we scurry into an Asian restaurant at the corner of Chinatown &  Lafayette, lest we turned into sculptures ourselves. We choose to keep our layers on at the table. I order a congee & she orders her usual. The Kani nigiri. I attempt to warm myself with some Sake as suggested by the woman taking our orders as she noticed my lips turn purple & my teeth chatter. Hands being warmed by the coil heater as it begins to rain. More bad news. More ice. Thunder. Lightning. And Sake, which was not helping me. I can’t remember being this cold, ever. The sushi arrives as the lady prepares her chopsticks in her fingers to eat. She is already adjusting indoors. Slowly she is peeling off layers and hangs them on the hanger. I get colder. I squeak out that I want something warmer. Something to atleast try & warm myself. I macho myself & ask the waitress to get me something spicy. As spicy as she can get. She brings me wasabi in a dish asking if I can take spicy food. Of course I could. Or so I thought. She tells me a big gulp of this & I would be able to hear my ears popping out. I would be able to feel my limbs again.The lady looks at us with her eyes wide open. Her golden eyebrows tempered by the mood lighting at the restaurant. I look at her. I hear her say no. I look at the waitress, this seems to be as much excitement as she has gotten all day. The thunder roars again. I pick up the bowl of wasabi & down my throat it goes! I've drank neat alcohol before. A lot. I've always felt the alcohol travel down my body and I could trace the exact place it has reached by how it would burn on its way down. This? This was hotter. This felt like volcanic eruptions through the body. Each more potent than the previous. The eyes watered first, throat closed second. Hands went for the bottle of sake to calm me down. Gulp! That burnt more! I SCREAM. The restaurant stops,the diners freeze. The waitress's face went from evil to terrified in less than a moment. I scream MORE! I cannot scream. I am howling with my mouth open, yet no voice. Someone brings me water. I cannot remember who. My eyes wouldn't open,am on my knees clutching my stomach. Burning. Someone brings ice from the freezer. I am told I have about 8-10 ten people around me wondering what just exploded. Medical emergency teams were called for. "A man is lying down in a restaurant & getting fits. Help!" I hear some of them are already laughing at me. I crawl out of the restaurant struggling to get out of my clothes. I feel like I am standing on fire and trying to run it. The snowcoat comes off, the muffler gets tangled in the neck while trying its best. The jacket is off. I am still hot. Very hot. Sweating so much I could be mistaken as if I have just come out of the shower. I am swearing, the lady asks me not to. There's a kid there. I couldn't seem to hear or I pretended not to. Can't remember. I run out of the restaurant into a fairly decent snow fall. I roll on the ground in ice. I might have eaten some too. Hardly any respite. Fingers are getting numb again. The lady pulls me back into the restaurant along with the help of some other patrons. Fire in my belly. Fire through my body. I felt as if the scoville scale of my body could break records that couldn't be touched for generations to come. I remember asking myself not to throw up as it would be hot through my body & mouth all over again. Yes. Panic logic. Paramedics arrive. The waitress told them how I was given a hotpepper wasabi. I had blacked out by then. Next I remember, being woken up at the observation room with the lady sitting beside me. She sees me open my eyes and laughs. You aren't HE-MAN she says. I ask for water. It still burns.

  6. What can be the side effect of drinking cough syrup? Extreme drowsiness? Blurred vision? Nausea? Nope it can cause something more than that.

    That was a rainy day and I got completely drenched on the way back to hostel. Result was nonstop coughing, sneezing accompanied by a running nose. Soon girls from neighboring rooms started complaining that I’m disturbing their sleep by continuous fits of cough. For the well being of my hostel mates I ran to the room of my friend, also known as Ms.pharmacist. She was the only person in hostel who keeps stock of general medicines and we were very much habituated to borrow it from her.

    She was in deep sleep when I knocked the door. I had to knock.. sorry, cough for almost five minutes to get the door opened. She handed over a cough syrup before even I asked her.

    ‘This tastes different and I get a burning sensation in throat ’ , I told her after drowning a cap of cough syrup.

    ‘That’s how all cough syrups are. Take the bottle to your room if you want. Now go that side and cough. Good night.’

    I came back to room, switched on the light and ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. The label in cough syrup bottle reads, it is ’strictly for external application. Harmful if taken orally’. What I drank was not cough syrup but the external wound cleaner.My friend messed up the bottle in her sleep.

    Whole hostel was awake by my scream. My close friends were trying their best to make me throw up what I drank.

    Other hostel mates bombarded my friends with questions from all sides. I felt like preparing a FAQ to help them.

    Why did she drink without reading the label?

    Hmmm..what to say.

    Why did she gave a wound cleaner instead of cough syrup?

    She was in deep sleep.

    How much did she drink?

    Next time on we will ask her to measure

    Couldn’t she differentiate from smell?

    Her nose was blocked due to cold

    Didn’t it taste different?

    Yes it was

    I don’t think any of you would have drunk wound cleaner before. Let me tell you how the experience was. There was an irritating, burning sensation from my mouth to stomach. I felt thousand butterflies were battling inside my stomach and every I breath I took kept reminding of naphthalene balls.

    Hostel warden came amidst the drama and declared ‘I have called ambulance. We will take you to hospital immediately.’ She and couple of my friends took me to hospital.

    On the way to hospital, our warden hammered me with questions but they were different levels ‘Any fight with your boyfriend?’, ‘Did you score poor marks in semester exam?’, ’Any family problem?’. She was concerned because a month back one of the girl in hostel attempted suicide over an issue with her boyfriend. I assured her all is well with family, boyfriend, I’m very much used to getting good marks and this was nothing but pure accident.

    When we reached the campus hospital, doctor gave me something to drink to induce vomiting. My bad luck, it didn’t come out easily. Though he was sure that this is nothing serious, he referred me to be taken to a hospital outside campus.

    Since it was a government college, warden had to get around three to four signatures before taking me out of campus. My friends were again bombarded with those ‘FAQs’ at all these stages and they were acting well as my PR’s.

    We reached main hospital and this time I was questioned by three nurses, two ward boys and a lady doctor.I could hear the ward boys murmuring something about, ‘Police complaint’ .They gave me another set of medicines & liquid, so that I will throw up.

    Meanwhile as per the college procedure, my head of the department arrived at hospital. He dismissed everyone fears by saying ‘I’m not someone who will drink poison but rather someone who might make others drink the same.’

    While the doctor was talking about stomach cleaning, I threw up to everyone’s relief. I was kept in observation and discharged the next morning.
    It was really one helluva funny experience, i really laugh badly on myself whenever i share this with anyone.

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  8. It was a rainy day, a perfect excuse for a power cut. I took the initiative to call up the local authorities to look into the issue. The following is what happened.

    *ring tone*
    ''Hello Sir, I'm a resident of....''
    ''Hello, helloooo, hello'' *here, I was able to hear him, but he could not hear my voice*
    ''Sir, hello, are you able to hear me?"

    *the person was courteous to call me back, but this time*
    "Hello, this is the engineer speaking, who's on the other..."
    ''Hello, helloooo, hello"
    *and snap*

    *next I call back immediately*
    "Mr. Are you able to hear me?"

    Just while I was wondering what happened, he called me back,
    "uh, hello, sorry sir, I forgot I was hearing."

    And those were his exact words!

  9. I have always lived in small towns and moving to Bangalore meant experiencing everything king size! I never used Public Transport too often, but the fact that my college was 12 km away from where I lived, I had to use BMTC (Bangalore Metro Transport Corporation) buses. After once or twice of traveling with parental guidance, I started traveling alone, all on my own and the following is the funniest thing that happened to me.

    If you are a student of an Engineering college in Bangalore, you are required to wear a "khakhee" uniform for "Workshop" classes. These uniforms are similar to conductors/drivers BMTC uniform.

    As you might have guessed, when I was traveling in BMTC, wearing my khakee uniform, I have been asked for tickets by passengers who thought I was the conductor. And once I clarified that I am not, a lot of "oh I am sorry" and such apologizing statements followed.

    BUT, funny as that might be, my story here is a bit different.

    Sometimes, there are new drivers in the bus, who are still not too familiar with the route and keep consulting the conductor for where to take the next turn and where to stop next. In the older version of BMTC buses (about 7 years ago), there was a long bench like seat to the left of the driver. So, if he looks left, he sees your face.

    I, in my khakhee uniform, was sitting on such a seat. The novice driver kept consulting conductor for the route. At one point the conductor was far behind and the driver seemed a little lost and so I told him where to take the next turn. After this, he kept consulting me and did not ask the conductor anymore.

    When the bus conductor came forward to help the driver, the driver said (roughly translated from what he said in Kannada) - "It's okay, this conductor madam is there no, she is helping me with the route".

    All the while I was under the impression that he thought of me as a helpful passenger. And after he said this, I realized he thought of me as a conductor(or rather he meant I was an employee of BMTC) thanks to my khakhee uniform!

    he he he he. It was the funniest thing that ever happened to me while traveling :-)

    1. Forgot to include link to my tweet :) Here it is.

  10. This out of comfort zone incident reminds me of the time when I was in Kolkata. I was in a pathetic state because of certain problems and wanted to travel to Darjiling but Alas that trip didn't happen. So after two days of planing and planing I finally gave up and decided to return back home to Patna.

    I still remember it was the day the final movie from Harry Potter series came out, My train was in the evening hence had enough time to catch first day first show. Deathly Hallows part 2 was my first IMAX experience and it was breathtaking.

    Anyways, forget the Deathly hallows part and lets skip to the train part. Since my train was at 8 PM I decided to leave at 6 for station which was a real bad decision on my behalf. After the movie, I returned to my friend's apartment in Rajarat took a nap and woke up in the evening and left for station. As icing on the cake I took the dreaded minibus going to Howrah station and not trusting my instincts to take a taxi instead.

    This was my first experience with Kolkata traffic, the bus was badly stuck and in half and hour it didn't even covered 30% of the route. I was annoyed like anything, I was even more nervous thinking of what will I do if train leaves and I don't reach.

    The train had left 5 minutes before I reached the station. I missed my train, I was so badly annoyed and was feeling like crying on the same time. By the time I gathered my senses I saw another train going to Patna. I spoke to the TT, bribed him with 500 rs and he gave me his own seat. I reached Patna without any problems.

    If you are in Indian a little bit of Jugad can work wonders for you. If you are a Bihari, your life would run on Jugad.

  11. Things you should before you read this.

    1. I'm a Zoology student
    2. Colleges in Odisha happen to be located on barren lands near highways.
    3. I happen to be more cautious when offered a seat in public transport after this incident.

    On a sweaty humid day in the month of August, my HoD decided to be meherbaan on us and left us out early. But it seemed in vain when no bus happened to stop by the college (India hai, Amreeka nahi!) Earlier that day, I managed to inhale some chloroform and fainted in the lab (no regrets! had been on my to-do list since long). I was dizzy and tired and the crowded bus stand only made me feel suffocated. The whole scenario made me so adamant to get on the next bus that I rushed to the only vacant khidki wali seat i could spot and climbed in. The old man sitting next to me was kind enough to help me in. Moments later when the bus began to move I could feel something on my feet. I narrowed my eyes at the gentlemen sitting next to me and he seemed scared, so I decided not to make a scene. The next time the same happened, I looked at my feet only to find that it was a big fat alive hen pecking. That made me yell like I'd seen a dinosaur. And yes, my passengers did laugh at me. -_-

    #HighlightOf2K13 :/


  12. I've grown up in a very protected environment. Ever since I was a little girl,right upto my college days,my Dad,Uncle,one elder cousin and a younger brother (who likes to act big-brother-ly with me) have always been around to take care of me. One of them is always ready to drop/pick me up wherever I go anywhere. It does make me feel very special & loved. But sometimes it gets very irritating. If not them,then the driver is around and he makes sure that every little detail of my shopping trip or a day out with friends is reported to Bade Papa. Needless to say,I'm always looking forward to a few precious moments of freedom.

    So I was pleasantly surprised when on my birthday in 2009,my Dad let me go to Delhi alone. Yes,it was a big thing for me. Although I knew that I'd be staying at my Nani's place,I was ecstatic.

    On reaching Delhi,as expected,I was surrounded with uncles & cousins who'd happily taken up the role of my bodyguards. But one fine day,a miracle happened. I had a toothache and a dentist's appointment was taken. However,at the time of the appointment,there was no one to take me there. I was secretly very happy. Somehow I convinced my Nani to let me go alone & reluctantly,she let me go. However,I got stuck in traffic & I didn't know that the dentist was a close family-friend. When I didn't reach on time,he promptly called up my uncle and told him that. At the dentist's clinic,I put my phone on silent mode,because manners. After the treatment,I decided to take advantage of my newfound freedom. I hailed a cab and went to nearest mall,shopped a lot,ate junk food and had lots of fun. What I didn't realize was that my entire family was trying to call me up,worried after the dentist's phone-call. However,my phone was still silent. Everybody in my family assumed the worst. Either I was lost,kidnapped or,worst of all,dead. And here I was,having a fun day,not bothering to check my phone.

    Hours later,when I reached home,I got scolded so bad. But this has now become a funny story. The Day Ankita Got Lost.

  13. So, this happened when i was in 10th Std, After having missed a simple goal scoring chance in the game of football I went into a awkwardly silent locker room, I thought the team members would beat me black and blue, But none of them Spoke a word.

    As usual I went to have shower, by the time i finished my shower the whole locker room was empty and my bags taken away by the team members. I was left with just a towel, not knowing what to do I waited for somebody to come and help. Finally after about 30-40mins a senior came and he gave me his spare shorts, So i went into class room with towel on top, wearing a short shorts. Not knowing what had happened the teacher started scolding me, explained him whole thing and finally he made my teammates give my bag and i got dressed after getting out of my comfort zone.. All for the love of football

  14. This happened to me during my school days. I was studying in the 3rd standard and was new to the concept of learning History and Geography. Like most other kids, I used to rote learn the answers instead of actually understanding what the content meant. This funny incident happened while studying for my History exam. The incident still brings peals of laughter among family, relatives, whoever my mom narrates it. We had a lesson on Mahatma Gandhi.

    I was very intrigued by the idea of him giving up all foreign things and wear a thin cloth to cover himself. The chapter said, "Gandhiji wore a loin cloth".
    The question was "What did Gandhiji wear and why did he boycot British goods?

    Fed up with rote learning the answer a hundred times... I got lazy while actually writing the answer during my exam. Not understanding what loin meant I wrote.

    "Gandhi wore lions skin because he loved it. Or else why would he wear it?"

    The teacher was hysterical during the PTM. All at my expense! doesnt end here.

    During the summer vacation.. after the exam, my mom was narrating the incident to my grandparents. I jumped into the conversation shouting, "Tiger mask kyu pehente the?"

    It took me a while to understand LOIN and not LION and definitely not a tiger mask ;)

    Of course, I fared badly in that test. Hehe!

    P.S: "All the characters in this anecdote are non- fictitious and any offence to any historian or any wild animal is purely coincidental."

  15. Travel dependency was one common topic; I & Pati always had a fight on. I am brought up with loads of pampering; so much that my father did not let me learn cycle thinking I’d fall & hurt myself. Having served in city traffic police all his life, dad has encountered weirdest of situations in road accidents that he is too scared to let his child venture out into the big bad world. Riding a two wheeler was obviously out of question, come 2nd PU, the mother of educational torture, I had a chauffer driven car to commute to tuitions & college.

    When I was in engineering, a decision was made that I shall at least learn to drive. I confronted mom, who was initially scared to let me learn without dad’s permission, but somehow said yes. I joined the classes along with best friends, to be "independent" without letting dad know.

    I insisted tutor not to venture into the city premises. He thought I was scared but the reason was "what is papa watches me drive". These tutors are kinda sadists, they will take you the roads less travelled with glee.

    I was forced to drive around K.R.Circle, which is hotspot of dad booking cases. Thanks to Murphy,
    I saw dad’s jeep approaching from the opposite side, and fear factor made me let go steering wheel and I hid myself down.

    Dad saw that a car was driven by someone whose head was not to be seen and asked his driver to follow the car.

    We were stopped. I froze. He froze too. Then? I was jailed. At home. Incident was not forgotten but the course was.

    Post few years and most importantly post marriage Pati was in for a shock *Dharti Maa split into two* I did not know how to ride nor drive. The dependency was huge. He had to take me everywhere, from office to shopping to parties to functions to ok you get the point. Initially he enjoyed the togetherness, but then reality struck & he confronted me, “You need to learn driving, again”. I took up the classes and the driver who taught kept insisting Pati that I am good with basics, only need exposure in busy traffic. Driving was successfully completed again and this time DL was obtained. I had high hopes of being independent but alas destiny had different plans. Pati refused to give me his car, even if he did he constantly cribbed how hard I was with gearbox, the new car is not a toy fundas. He would shout at me and that in turn would freak me out, & once I almost banged a cycle fellow. Then I quit.

    Today? After loads of mishaps I drive a White Alto, number ending with 31 mostly in Mysore, give way & do not overtake & also don’t honk. Do all this & I promise you all are safe.


  16. And we close this contest now. Thanks for participating. Will be back with results soon. :-)


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