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#BookGiveaway : Soldier & Spice

is back with another book, up for grabs! Soldier & Spice written by author Aditi Mathur Kumar, is a funny, witty account of a newly married army wife’s life.

What do you win?

Of course, a copy of Soldier and Spice!!

Not just a copy, but TWO copies are up for grabs here. At the end of the competition, TWO winners will be chosen by the judge. 


About Soldier & Spice: An Army Wife’s Life:

For Pia, regular life is a thing of the past. She is now an Army wife. From ‘just Pia’ to an Aunty, a memsaab and ‘her favourite words in the whole wide world’ Mrs Pia Arjun Mehra. At twentysix, Pia finds herself having to suddenly be more lady-like; focus on themed ladies’ meets, high teas and welfare functions; and deal with long (unexpected) separations from her husband, extraordinary challenges, a little heartache and well, growing up.

In the mysterious and grand world of Army wives, Pia learns that walking in high heels is okay as long as you don?t trip on combat boots. She learns that civil is also a noun, that JCO and GOC are (very!) different, that snacks are shown and WTF is better explained as Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. Yes, it really is a new world! 

Let this quirky, hilarious story of the first year of Pia’s Army-wife life show you that the spice to a soldier’s life is most definitely his better, very strong, bloody extremely elegant, never-cussing, witty, warm and passionate half, his Army wife.
Read my review of the book here.

What do you have to do?

Tell us how creative and funny you are. We dig wit. Keep us in splits and the crown..err, book is yours!

1.  Soldier & Spice is a book about a regular girl who falls head over heels in love with an Indian Army Officer, and marries him to find that Army demands a lot more than other professions, but it gives the kind of pride that is greater than any thing in the world. Tell us about your dream profession and what makes you dream about it. Please keep it realistic, and of course, interesting!

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In the comments section below, leave an entry with your anecdote as specified in point 1 above, AND the link to your FB share/tweet. Only entries with BOTH, shall be considered for the judging.

Terms and conditions of the giveaway:

1.    Leave your entry in the comments section below.

 2. Giveaway is restricted to India only.

 3. Giveaway ends on December 6, 2013 at 16:30 hours (IST). Result would be declared on December 10, 2013.

4. The contest will be judged by author Aditi Mathur Kumar. Decision taken by the judge will be final and cannot be disputed. 

5. The contest is open to all residents in India, albeit residing in places where couriers deliver.

6. Only entries in English will be considered eligible for the contest.

8. The winning entries will win a copy each of Soldier and Spice. The book would be sent within 2-3 weeks after the result is declared. Winner shall be kept updated about the same.

9. Submitted entries should be your original work; no plagiarism shall be entertained.

10. Multiple entries are allowed.


  1. As kids we have so many dreams "Main bada hoke yeh banunga/banungi" and these statements keep changing every now and then. As far as I remember my first dream regarding profession was to become IPS officer. I was in school-7th or 8th class I believe when my fav teacher told me Bhakti you should become IPS officer(and some more things as to why i should become one.) and after that I wanted to become IPS officer. I also joined NCC at same time out of interest and I am proud of myself for that. (I am still my NCC Mam's fav) Just how all good things come to an end too soon even this dream of mine came to an end with a nightmare. I was in class 10th, one night i dreamt of filmy style dishum dishum scene with just a diff that i was a cop,yeah a cop and i was at my uncle's place and some goons came there and after lot of gun firing i saw my family was lying dead in front of me. And after that day i never mentioned abt IPS thing..I dont know whether it was right decision or not but never tried to pursue my dream after that day.

  2. Dream job or dream profession.

    Do dreams actually come true? In my case NEVER. Well we all love Airplanes, don’t we? My dream job, my dream home or my dream life is actually all about airplanes and airports.

    Aviation industry always mesmerized me since childhood. Waving at planes going over the home or just keep dreaming about when will I actually get to fly for the first time?
    Even after have lived that moment of flying quite a number of times, I still get as excited as I was the first time.

    Coming back to dream job, it’s actually to be one of the airline personnel, no not as a pilot or a steward but as a ground staff. Don’t want to go up in the air working but staying there at some of the most beautiful airports and assisting passengers be it with check-in or working as an immigration officer.

    It may not be as rewarding as other corporate job or a family business is but it is close to my heart, something that has my heart and soul attached to it. If your job gives you happiness, you achieved the world.

    Reason I would love to be at airport: Thousands will be departing for destinations parting from family and friends while another thousand will be landing to get back to their families. Somebody has rightly quoted airports see most sincere good byes.
    Every second when the screen at airport will show a flight landed or departed be it from New York or Mumbai, Guangzhou or Kochi, I will get excited like a first time flyer.

    For people may come and people may go, I will be there seeing them.

  3. The mention of Dream Jobs leaves me with a heavy Sigh!!

    Not sure about dream jobs but I did dream a lot!! With all the jazz around what you want to become when you grow up, I had zeroed down on being a House wife oops let's call it as Home maker so that few don't get offended!

    Yes, I did want to be house wife after High school and was pretty vocal about it. The 92% In board exam ensured my parents ruled out my wedding at 18plan!

    Stuck with science as an option I wanted to be an Air Hostess after grads...all thanks to those breathtaking locations which Mr Mallya shot with those air hostesses!! I ensured I gave minor heart aches, yes aches and not attacks to my dad when I spoke about my dream job!! Dad dropped his jaw with a disapproval and asked if I wanted to be a waitress with a difference of being in air while I served men in air!! Talk about stereotyping!!

    After ruling out being photographed next to Mr Mallya in red skirts(Given that I had south Indian thunder thighs) I took up the next IN thing i.e computers as my subject, followed by MBA For the edge in career(Or the follow the herd policy)

    Inspite of not having the route map for the so called Dream Job, I am definitely at a place where people would dream to be at 27yrs!! So it's still a job for me which made my dreams come true. So cheers to that!!

  4. Dream ??? Whenever I hear this I go back to my past, past which had been 6 years now and I am still there running behind my dreams, to fulfill it, to achieve it....I wanted to be a writer(I still want to be) I want my stories to reach the maximum, I want my story to be read and heard
    Lets go back from where it began, After completion of my 10th board, I preferred taking Arts with English honors rather than Science. I was good at Maths and Physics but that was not my cup of tea. I liked something creative, something which is different and not just the trend to be followed. I had planned the entire thing; first graduation has to be done, then M.A in English and so on but my only ultimate dream was to be a writer.
    My Parents love me a lot and perhaps that's the reason why they were much overprotective for me. They wanted me to become an engineer. They laughed at my dream becoz for them my dream was only a joke.
    Never mind, here I am, fulfilled my what they wanted, I got the degree. I am an engineer now and was working as a asst. professor(was working because I left the job)...Now I am managing my Dad's business... My dream is still intact with me and more or less I am quite close in fulfilling that too; this time my parents are supporting me... :)

  5. As a kid I always wanted to be in the Airforce(maybe too much of tom cruise's TopGun influence) My Mom din't let me presue this as I was the only child. Then I thought Let me play football and make it big as a professional footballer, Politics in selecting for the state team made sure I gave up this dream abruptly.

    Then I did my graduation somehow got interested in cooking, I have the experience of cooking bitter gourd to baking plum cakes. This time my dream is to start a cafe in Bangalore called Kashy's Korner (KK) and make it into a big chain of Cafe's on the lines of the other KK the Krispy Kreme..

    Hopefully I fulfill this dream at least and treat you in that cafe for hosting this quiz ;-)

  6. As a kid, I had various dream jobs. I wanted to be a Lawyer, or a Journalist and finally even a Detective! But all that was just the influence of television.

    As I grew up, so did my love or food. My mom would watch lot of recipe shows which would only make me dream and drool. I would always want to try different dishes from different countries.

    The day my mom got fed-up with my incessant need for her to cook something nice/different, I donned the chef hat. Started collecting recipes, cooking variety of food items, all to satisfy my taste buds. But one could only go so far.

    So, once I started earning, I started visiting different eateries within the city to explore various cuisines. But irrespective of how good some joints are, you cannot help but feel most of the dishes are heavily "Indianized". I only wished I could travel to different places and savor the local cuisine there myself.

    But there's always some or the other obstacle, a financial one being the biggest.

    But one day, I chanced upon these travel/food shows on TV(when I took a break from watching Nigella's show & Masterchef)! These shows had a guy/girl, traveling to various countries (or various cities in a country), trying out different cuisines, enjoying them, ALL WHILE GETTING PAID!

    Ever since then, I have always wanted to be a travel and food show host. Imagine being able to visit so many different places, being able to savor all yummy food there and getting PAID for all of that. Yes, the job would demand a lot, but it is all kinds of dreams come true :)

    Although I now am a quintessential Software Engineer in the IT capital of India, I still dream big. As a small step towards my dream job, I have now associated myself with a food review website. This helps me visit various food joints in the city, eat some yummy (and some not so yummy) food and write reviews for the same :)

    Something is definitely better than nothing :)

  7. My dream profession is to become a chef or enter restaurant business. I love eating and love watching people eat with me even more. I have traveled so much in search of good food with local flavor and I want people who come to my restaurant taste that authentic local flavor.

    I want to mix it with another hobby about pop culture and make it a superhero themed one with walls filled with Pop Culture posters and counters displaying my action figures. Wonder when and how this will be achieved but someday I'll have enough money to start this up

  8. Many have asked me, how & when & why I started writing.

    This goes way back when I had my “I Love You Rasna girl” haircut; Hmm say 3rd std.

    In one of the Parent Teacher meet, the class teacher told mom how good I was in my studies, how good my vocabulary was, and how good I was in many other things (which if listed feels like I am blowing my own trumpet), and finally teacher complained that I talk a lot. I still remember the kind of let-me-get-home-and-tackle-you look mom gave me.

    I guess even teacher saw that fierce gaze so she came up with the solution that she will change the place where I sat and place me between guys. Now how that would stop me from talking I never got an answer.

    I am sure you would have guessed that it did not help much in solving the problem; all though I never thought that it was a problem. What is the big deal if someone talks too much? Why does it bother anyways?

    Getting back to the topic (Oh I guess problem is that it wastes time), anyways, so in the next Parent Teacher meeting the same was reported. Mom suggested that I should be made the monitor so that I get the task of pointing who talks standing near the blackboard with no one around to chat with.

    See this is what you call an idea. I am so thankful to the Mendel and his genetics; both of us get weirdest of all ideas and we also implement them by hook or crook.

    There I was, monitor of the class. If you think this was the solution, negative. Myself being so talkative I encouraged people to talk & yap by not writing any names on the blackboard. The tension increased and the class became the noisiest of all. Teacher was blamed and she in turn blamed mom.

    This was when mom actually bought matters home. She made me my favorite gulab jamun and asked me why I talk. “I love to talk” was my answer.

    She came up with another idea and recommended when ever I felt like talking I should take out a book and write. Yes, I started writing. No, did not stop talking.

    Mom wanted me to be independent. Dad wanted me to be an IAS officer. Grandpa, saw a doctor in me. All had their version of dream job for me, like most of the families do.

    I wanted to talk. Host events. Make people laugh. Interact with strangers. Take Interviews. Radio Jockey. This job caters to all that I love. To talk. To talk. And to TALK.

  9. Dream Profession? Lawyer / Negotiator.
    Why? Khadus logo ko aur kya aata hain? I have always loved to argue my point across. My skills to negotiate and argue to put my point across and have my way is how I have always remembered myself.
    Thankfully, in my profession, I hold a lot of power to negotiate. One of the reasons I love my work.

  10. Frankly speaking,I had too many dream job ideas when I was a child. Then I grow up and the field of interest changes accordingly.As a kid,we used to choose profession which contains more fun activities,without caring for salary!
    I grew up by watching various Disney series and eventually fallen in love with Selena Gomez & Miley Cyrus's cool profession.Yes,I wanted to be a Pop star!The fun in making music,grooving and being famous!It is all a child could dream for!After some years,I had other dream job in my mind,but I fell in love with music.
    Then I wanted to be a detective like Sherlock Holmes and Miss Marple.Their charm,intelligence,everything fascinated me.I did case practice in home like whenever my family members lost anything,I questioned them to solve the mystery.But mom found those things without doing any investigation.Sometimes I think that she could be a great detective,so tch,tch,that was the end.
    I am a bookworm,give me books and send me to an island and I'll be forever happy!!Last year,I successfully wrote a blog and that was like "my dream comes true" moment for me.
    So,as I told earlier,I would do any kind of dream job which has fun,like a rollercoaster ride so that I don't feel bored and exhausted!

  11. Dream profession? Well know about how there are so many species under the phylum Aves.. I want to study them and see them with my own freaking eyes. As of now, that is the plan.. being an ornithologist.. :)


  12. Thus ends this giveaway, we shall be back with the results soon! Thank for participating! :-)


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