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#AuthorInterview : Priyanka Baranwal

Priyanka Baranwal's book It's Never Too Late... is all set to hit the book shops and online portals on the first day of 2014. Maya's story, the book deals with how Maya deals with a certain unfortunate situation. What happens that time and thereafter, the story strongly deals with all the nooks and crannies. We are in convseration with Priyanka, few days before her book launches: 

Is this your first book?

Yes. It’s Never Too Late… (To win the battle against your biggest enemy – Fear) is my first book though I already have a sound experience in writing. I am also a freelancer since three years and I have written numerous articles as well.

Have you always wanted to write, or did the topic of your book, push you into writing and framing this plot?

Writing is my passion I admit but writing a novel has never been my idea. It was my husband Sumit who mooted the idea of writing a novel. I was not sure yet I put my belief into his. I started writing and this way the journey towards INTL took off. So I can happily say that my such dream has come true that I had never dreamed off.
The concept of INTL has been brewing into my mind since a while and when things fell for writing a novel and choosing a topic for it, I easily summoned this long time brewing idea into a form of fiction novel.
Tell us something about your book, when will it be available for us to buy and read?
My book It’s Never Too Late is about a woman named Maya. She is from IIT Kanpur and there she meets a guy named, Rajat. Later thing goes on smoothly. They both get married and are living happily ever after with their five year old daughter in Bangalore. Their life easily strikes as a fairy tale but when two petty criminals decide to make her fairytale life a tale of horror and fear with their intention of molesting her, life topples upside down. What happens that horrible night and afterwards makes up for the major attraction of the book. But she has to fight with her biggest enemy in the process and that is her fear.
Basically It’s Never Too Late is a story that is written not especially for women but for everyone. It strongly sends out a positive message of it’s never too late to find an escape or a solution. 
It will hit the bookstores by January 1st, 2014. It is already available on pre-orders on Infibeam and HomeShop18. 
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A daring plot to write about. I say daring, because, writing about it must have been emotionally exhaustive for you. Tell us about your experience while writing 'It's Never Too Late...'
When people are daring enough to commit heinous crimes, we also have to be equally daring to speak about it. Crimes against women are increasing day by day. Every 22 minutes, a woman gets raped and according to the National Crimes Record Bureau, rape is the fastest growing crime in India. These and lot more other sorts of abuses are being slammed on the face of humanity. I don’t feel good about it. No one does.

The journey towards writing my book has rather been challenging and exhaustive both. First challenge appeared when I started writing the script. As a freelancer, writing a 1000 or 2000 word article is not as much of a big task as in writing a novel. It is a pompous task to comply with that requires complete dedication and most of time.
Idea was already rooted in my head. So I didn’t have to think much over the plot. The unexpected issue arose when I had to design the scenes where criminals molest and harass my protagonist. I literally could not write for few days. My fingers trembled during typing and it was increasingly becoming hard to find enough courage to wreck havoc on Maya just like that. Being a woman, I could feel the affect. Finally it took me few days to congregate the strength and then proceed with the demanding details of the script. 
Next challenge came to find a publisher and when Srishti came up front, I was delighted.
I have written the story day in and day out. I have gone an extra mile to cover the facts mentioned in my book. I have explored newspapers, internet and other sources too to give the story a genuine touch. I couldn’t sleep at nights. I had given up sleeping in the day time so that I could get some at nights but it was not so easy. My characters, scenes and the entire plot kept spinning into my head and I kept thinking about them. My husband, Sumit, has been the biggest support for me. Whenever I couldn’t cook just because I had to write, he even fixed quick meals with no complains at all. Whenever I had lost faith in me or I was tired of writing, he was always there to boost me, to encourage me to go ahead. My son also understood about my work and gave me plenty of time without any kind of interference. All in all, I found my family beside me all the time and that’s what kept me going through every thick and thin.
Journey towards your dream is never easy but I believe in – 
No dream can come to life if you don’t shoulder the share of your struggles. Not only the destination but the journey itself speaks volume of your competencies.
Tell us about Maya. Is she one of us?
Yes! Maya is very much like all of us. She feels the sinking failure and the triumph of win the same way we all do. She gives her best in everything. She studies hard to get a job. When she falls to the ground of crime, she is scared and clueless about what to do next, exactly like we tend to feel in any big trouble. 

Life afterwards the incident can never be easy for a woman. She is also apprehensive of so many things just like any other human being can be. All in all, Maya just not only depicts face of women but also all of us. 
What are your expectations from this book, in what way do you want it to affect the reader?
I certainly have very positive expectations from my book. I hope this book will emerge out as an unputdownable and a very realistic one. I want people to read it and understand that whichever trouble arises, never ever let your mind shut down. Keep thinking it’s never too late and hopefully you will find your resolve.

Also, leading a life after being a victim of some crime is not so easy to deal with. Maya has to go through many swings after that unfortunate night and that’s where her real struggle started. Here I have sent the message of believing in yourself and no matter what the society thinks of you, you MUST have faith deeply to your soul. 
I firmly believe in family and it can be the biggest support for anyone. So be with your loved ones when they face any trouble. Be ready to share their trauma and uncertainties of times along with bundles of joy and potions of love. INTL mirrors this belief in a sensitive way.
How was your journey towards getting published? Is getting published as difficult, as people make it out to be?

When I had started writing INTL, I came to know finding a publisher is not easy. I too went through some struggle but I was lucky to get Srishti Publications no sooner than I had submitted my manuscript. They liked the script and accepted it. I am very much grateful to Mr. Arup Bose and the entire Srishti team for making my dream come true.

Not all the people may get lucky in the same way. I have read and heard that people have to wait for a long time to get a good publisher. But if you have a complete faith in your story, everything will fall onto the place eventually. So always be positive.
Any advice for aspiring writers?

One year back I was also an aspiring author and today I have become a published one. So I can put forward something from my experience.

Write your script in such way that it not only appeals to you but others also. Have a complete faith in your work. Maintain a discipline for writing and always be in touch of your family and good friends who can motivate you to achieve goals. After all, they are the real comrades of your journey called life.

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