Saturday, November 2, 2013

November Reads

So a group of us book lovers and reviewers have decided to link each other to our book posts, so that ... well, of course, so that we get to read more, what else!! 

Here is my post for November,talking about the books I will read throughout the month. I might not be able to finish all these books, and there is also a tiny probability that I read a book not listed here, but for the most part of the month, I intend to stick to this list.

This month, I plan to read Indian authors, mostly debut authors. There is a reason behind this. Tales Pensieve is having the third Readathon, where we all shall be reading and reviewing books by debut Indian authors. Read more about it HERE, join in if interested! 

I am listing the books underneath. Once reviewed, I shall be linking the title here, to the review page as well.

I have read more books in a month, before. This month as well, I might. Or I might not. As it happens, I shall be uploading this post, further below, as footnotes. I have reviewed 3 books and today is just the second day of the month. This is only because, the books were quick reads :-)

Let me know what you are reading, connect me to your blog? :-)

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  1. We are reaching out to you in your capacity as one of India's leading book bloggers. Some of us bloggers have started a Facebook Page to showcase books by Indian authors and to feature all reviews by Indian bloggers. Request you to check out the page and leave links to any of your reviewsof the featured books. Also if you want us to feature any books on our page, please let us know and we will do the needful.


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