Friday, November 8, 2013

#BookReview: Where The Rainbow Ends by Anurag Anand

On the jacket:

Even the most artistic of imaginings can sometimes seem callow in the face of truth. That which appears may not be and that which lies hidden might just be the stark, naked face of reality.

Rahul had everything going his way – a soaring career, a happy family and all else a man his age could yearn for. And then suddenly his life began to crumble all around him, disintegrating element after precious element, leaving him to watch in helpless horror.

Where had he gone wrong? Was there still hope for redemption, even a solitary ray that he could cling on to?

Avantika, a pretty, vivacious girl who had come into Rahul’s life by pure accident, literally, has suddenly gone missing. Just like that, without as much as a trace.

Where is Avantika? Will Rahul be able to find her? Is it her own past that has come back to consume her or is it something even more vicious and sinister?

Shalini, Rahul’s first love and a girl accustomed to leading life on her own terms. Hailing from a family that exerts considerable influence in the galleries of politics and power, she certainly has the wherewithal to impact a lot of things. Even lives.

Is Shalini fostering a grudge that could displace not one but many lives? Could she be the one behind Avantika’s mysterious disappearance?

Where The Rainbow Ends is a work of contemporary fiction based around four principal characters. In the words of Ken Ghosh, acclaimed Bollywood Director, “A refreshingly poignant plot that keeps its readers engrossed till the very end.”


I have friends who are Anurag Anand's fans and I have heard them rave about his books in the past. When I got a fresh stock of books to review from the publishers, another friend asked to pick up Where The Rainbow Ends first. Expectations had built up and I am happy to say, I was not disappointed with the tale Anand has spun in this book.

200 pages, the book can be read in a couple of gos, that's how smooth the narrative is. A tale of Rahul, Shalini and Avantika, the characters are well-defined and can be easily identified with. The story begins with Rahul waiting to check-in, to fly to his destination and while on flight, he thinks of Avantika, his love from the past. He is now married to Shalini and has a daughter, Myra. How Rahul meets Avantika, their relationship and how Rahul meets Shalini and they end up marrying, trouble between Shalini and Rahul, then Myra's birth and then, suddenly, he loses Shalini. Avantika is back in his life now, as a support, to fight for his daughter Myra.

Emotions are very well-defined and described well, so much that one will get involved in the plot and emote with Rahul. A perfect reading companion for travels.

Rating: ***.5/5

[This review is for Srishti Publishers & Distributors. The opinions are strictly my own and not been written under any obligation.] 

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