Saturday, November 23, 2013

#BookReview: When You Became My Life by Anshul sharma

On the jacket:

Neevs life is marked with castastrophes after losing his parents and almost everything he owned, he finds refuge with his friend Aadi in Agra. Living with an old friend in a new house, busy with a new job in a new environment revives him, somewhat. And then, life happens. As he bumps into love and tries to keep running away from it, love follows him as Aashi a small-town girl with larger than life aspirations and a novel dream. Neev sets out to fulfil her dream but he has to pay a coast for it. Either love or life. What will he choose to let go? When You Became My Life is a story spun by destiny. It is a story of a young boy who takes it upon himself to defeat all odds and be one with love.


A regular boy meets girl story with a slightly different touch to it. Stories which involve the plot being divided into different time frames, make for an interesting plot. The narrator is Neev and the other prime characters are Aadi, his friend and Aashi, the love of his life. 

A very nice pattern to the story, however, it could have been given a better treatment. Sharma has included some very interesting instances in the plot. Editing leaves a bit to be desired. Characters are well-defined and the book is a quick read, ideal for when travelling.

Rating: **.5/5

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