Friday, November 29, 2013

#BookReview : Stay Hungry Stay Foolish by Rashmi Bansal

On the jacket:

The inspiring stories of 25 IIM Ahmedabad graduates who chose the rough road of entrepreneurship. They are diverse in age, in outlook and the industries they made a mark in. But they have one thing in common: they believed in the power of their dreams. This book seeks to inspire young graduates to look beyond placements and salaries. To believe in their dreams.


This book had been lying around at home since quite some time now, my husband had read it and absolutely loved it. He'd been egging me to read this for a while now, so I picked it up one evening and stayed awake most of the night, hogging the chapters, one by one. 

Inspirational? Yes. The collection of real life success stories are sure inspirational. But, it also looks like a project work. Also, while it is marvelous to see how these ppl have moved out of the secure 9to5 job lines and made it large; doesn't mean the rest of the world will. The in thing these days is to quit full time jobs and open startups. Out of 100s, 10 of these actually work enough to pay the founder's bills. Yes, it's their wish and they can chose whatever line of work they wish to. But, see a few famous people, reading about them, shouldn't be the deciding factor to how you earn your living right? I personally know people who use this book as bible, I hope to see them in a future version of this book, some day. 

The book in itself, is an amazing collection of 25 real life short stories of people who have dared to think beyond the obvious and succeeded in their lines of work. However, all of them have degrees from IIMA, I would think a lot of credit goes to the institute to train it's students who can dare to go independent rather than join an already established organisation.

Rating: ***/5

[This is a personal review.]


  1. An alternate perspective: Did they really risk much, as entrepreneurs, when they had degrees from IIM?

    1. Exactly my point, IIM trained them well to take such a bold step, AND succeed.

  2. I met the author of this book some time back in a seminar. Been wanting to read this. Thanks for your review.


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