Saturday, November 16, 2013

#BookReview : Local Monsters by Samit Basu

On the jacket:

That first year in a new city is always tough, especially if that city is Delhi. New job, new friends, new problems. Falling in love, dealing with your neighbours, simply surviving. The sitcom life. Its difficult enough for humans. For monsters its far worse. Because a few fangs and horns and supernatural powers really don't equip you to deal with the sheer hostility of the everyday world around you. But they do make you a target. You have secret government agencies, inter dimensional conspiracies and all kinds of other bizarre nonsense to deal with. Everyone you meet wants to kill you or run your life. But you still have to pay the electricity bill in time.


I won Local Monsters in a contest sponsored by the publishers, over Diwali, on twitter and it arrived yesterday. It's been a while since I read graphic novels and finding one right in front of me, I read it immediately.

I will talk about the art first, because it makes up for 50% of a graphic novel. Brilliant! This was my first Indian graphic novel and I was highly impressed. The art work is apt to situations and dialogues and there is such attention to detail. 

The story is about four youngsters Latha, Bela, Tashi and Indra are the Local Monsters. A fantasy story, of how these four deal with their new life in a new city - Delhi. Quite an interesting take, I enjoyed reading Local Monsters.

Rating: ****/5

[This was a personal read.]

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