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#BookReview: Living Courageously: Spirit Can Never Be Conquered by Lipa Rath

On the jacket:

Living Courageously, by Lipa Rath is a bold, inspirational, personal story told with honesty, humility and courage. It is a journal about living, learning, healing, growing, and being free. Lipa has created a colorful tapestry, skilfully weaving reflections from personal experiences with insights gained from writings of philosophers, scientists, doctors, researchers, and enlightened masters, of thousands of miles and years apart. The book introduces a wide range of topics organized into several short chapters, each offering a window into the search for the meaning of life. The images viewed from the windows blend with one another creating a scene extending from the room, to the yard, and all the way to the horizon. As Lipa retraces her path with us in this journey, she shines a guide’s torch on the discoveries and assertions she made along the way, on rocks and crevices to watch out for, and on yet unexplored territory. She does not claim to be an expert. Neither does she make any pretense. Whether the reader shares the strong faith that forms the backbone of this memoir or not, it is impossible to ignore or dismiss what she reveals. So believer or skeptic, sit back, relax, put your seat belt on, and enjoy the magical journey of Living Courageously. And who knows, may be some of the question marks on the path will straighten up their curves, turning into exclamations.Excerpts from the review done by Mrs. Mamata Misra – author, poet and former director at SAHELI, a social organization that continues to help Asian families in crisis at Austin, Texas, USA.


When Living Courageously: Spirit Can Can Never Be Conquered by Lipa Rath arrived to me, for a review, I was unsure about how it would turn out to be. I am not very keen on self-help books as most authors I have read, have themselves had cushy lives and in their books, they just sound preachy and speak about the unattainable. Lipa Rath, on the other hand, has written a very honest book.

Starting of with her own issues, occurrences and problems, how things happened they way they shouldn't have, and how slowly but steadily, she understood and reasoned herself into spirituality, the entire journey is heart touching. Here is someone who has been through hell and survived, is there any reason she won't be able to inspire us? No. And that's what the book is.

Having come out of a incompatible relationship, being separated from her only child, losing her own mother before she realised what a mother is, then in adulthood losing her elder sister who had been the mother to her, Lipa Rath has bared it all in a very sensitive manner. Rath has spoken about the most horrific details of her life, with ease and composure, something which she has herself attained after a lot of pain. She has spoken about her aunt, who has not only been there for her own brother's motherless children but for every person she has met in life. The chapter on Deepa was very inspirational, of how a giving person's life is. Rath talks about her marriage, her struggle with acquiring rights to meet her daughter, about her father and how she was able to let go of all anguish and attain relief through spirituality.

A book written from her heart, where she has not only learned to move ahead and embrace happiness but also learn to forgive and let go of hatred. One part of the book will always stay in my heart - the part where her psychiatrist told her, she is a good person, and how just this much boosted her confidence about herself. So identifiable by all of us who have had lows. The first thing we do is, start believing we are wrong/bad. 

A disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda, Rath has talking about surrendering to God, letting go of fear and negativity, karma, spirit within, desires, will power - every aspect of life. 

Rating: ****/5

[This was an author (PR) request review. The opinions are strictly my own and not been written under any obligation.]

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