Friday, November 29, 2013

#BookReview : Five Point Someone: What Not to Do at IIT by Chetan Bhagat

On the jacket:

Set in IIT, in the early '90s, Five Point Someone portrays the lives of the protagonist Hari and his two friends Ryan and Alok. It explores the darker side of IIT, one in which students- having worked for years to make it into the institute-struggle to maintain their grades, keep their friends and have some kind of life outside studies.

Funny, dark and non-stop, Five Point Someone is the story of three friends whose measly five-point something GPAs come in the way of everything-their friendship, their love life, their future. Will they make it?


Recently, I was visiting my extended family, and was not carrying a book along. I rarely did so. As expected, I found myself getting bored and was cursing myself when I saw Five Point Someone lying about. Now, I had read this book back in 2006 and had quiet liked it. Frankly, whatever opinions we all have about Mr Bhagat, one has to admit, when his first book came, it was quite a fresh breath of air, in the reading circuit. The plot was new, light and something all youth could identify with.

So I read this book again, cover to cover. It was difficult to ignore the fact that Bhagat's books after this one have, despite making a lot of money and movie rights, deteriorated in the terms of writing & story telling. Reading about youngsters in simple language, was a fresh relief back in 2006. Till then, the only Indian authors we were reading, are international award winner level of writers - not everyone can fathom their writings.

Five Point Something is about three friends at IIT and the regular shenanigans. Won't get into the story any further, this book has already been made into a movie.

This is a good book for someone who wants start reading, to begin a reading habit with - if the person is a grown up already.

Rating: ***/5

[This was a personal read.]

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