Friday, September 13, 2013

Happy Birthday. To me.

A few hours and I will turn a year older. While I am not very happy at turning older but it's inevitable, so what the hell. Once you cross 30, every year is just a number you would rather forget. Now, anyone who knows me, knows how much my birthday thrills me. And many, yes many, wonder what is there to be so excited. After all I am not a five-year-old!

I differ in opinion. A five-year-old has nothing to be happy about, except for the gifts and the cake. Of course, those are very important too, and hey, I want those too! But, the reason I am always excited about my birthday and can be seen/heard going on and on about it, is because I am thankful to be born. Thankful to be born, thankful to have been brought by the angels in the form of parents and family, thankful to have lived my life in my terms always, thankful to be married to the guy I had vehemently said no, thankful that I came to my senses and fell in love with him, thankful that I married him and with him I got a family I dote upon, thankful about so many other things.

I am also thankful that my mother chose to give birth to me, despite being told her life might be at risk if she had me. I am thankful that I was born to a woman who wanted a daughter with all her heart; she had decided my name even before I was born. I am thankful to be born in a family of over achievers, in terms of education and career, yet, never ever pulled up for being an average performer in everything I did. I am thankful my mother married my father, I am so proud I am his daughter. 17 years since his demise, I am still recognized as Dr Mukherjee's daughter. 

There is much more that I am thankful for. I am thankful to be alive. I know how many times I have been so close to not being alive, but I still am. I am thankful for my friends, so much, so much. I am clueless why they love me, but they love me so much! Must be something awesome I did in my previous births!

Life is perfect? Far from it. But there is so much to be thankful for!

This is my day. If I don't celebrate it, who else will? If I don't celebrate my own birthday, who else will?

Most importantly, why won't I?

Who knows, agla aaye ya nahin?


  1. Wheeee! way to go!

    (PS: I do not appreciate the last line)

  2. This post was honest and that is what makes it so special. And agla birthday hi kyon, aur 100 birthdays aaenge.. Chinta na karo!
    Happy b'day once again pretty lady! :)

  3. Happy birthday! Many many many more to come and celebrated with same enthu!

  4. Like I said before, very heart-felt.
    And yes, I DO NOT like the last line.

  5. Hey, wish you a very Happy Birthday. Yes, I too get excited on my birthday and say a few thank yous for the life I have been blessed with. For all people say, it is destiny who you marry and who you are born to.


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