Sunday, September 22, 2013

Contest Result: The Other Side Of The Table

As promised, the result of the contest for The Other Side Of The Table by Madhumita Mukherjee is out!! A biiig thanks to all who took time to participate and let their creative juices flow! 

Here are some special mentions from the author, who herself judged the contest, in her own words: 

A) Salini Johnson's beautiful entry, is so evocative, I can actually visualize the scene. 


B) Arundhati Kane's poetic entry. It's a great line... I can't get it out of my head.

Our judge also loved Mohit Giria's "lip balm and love" entry because it is so intimate and natural. A sensuous, earthy sort of thing to say/ write. It reads like what someone would write in a love letter, one which opened accidentally will make the guilty reader blush. Perfect! 

However, for the 40+ entries, there had to be only one winner.

So, here it is!!

The winner of the contest is SAMEER MORE!!!! 

Sameer's entry to the contest was:
Bunny, pardon me if this reaches you late. It took time for my words to come back after you left. They're back now, and I'm on my way ahead.
Madhumita was particularly impressed with Sameer's entry and her comments were, *It is so elegant and intriguing...  It can have many different meanings ... I have tried various permutation/ combinations in my head.

Congratulations, Sameer!! You have won yourself a copy of Mukherjee's The Other Side Of The Table as well as vouchers worth Rs 1,000/- which you can redeem at, both from Fingerprint Publishing!! Maybe now, you can tell us what the lines actually meant? :-)

Please send us your contact address as well as email id.

Thanks to Madhumita Mukherjee for judging the contest and to Fingerprint Publishing for sponsoring the event, this will always remain in the special corner of my memories. 

Happy Reading (and writing)!

1 comment:

  1. Thank you very much, Madhumita and Samarpita!
    This is the first time I have ever won a contest. :)
    As for the meaning, it is as follows:
    Bunny was my petname for my ex, who got married last year (obviously to someone else). After she was no longer a part of my life, there was a period where I actually found that I had lost my mojo for writing. Moving on did take some time, as it almost felt as if I was committing a crime by trying to be happy. But it did happen, and now that it is past me, I am free to move ahead and revel in the joy that words bring to me.


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