Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Book Review: My Beloved's MBA Plans by Disha

On the jacket:

My Beloved’s MBA Plans is a collection of engaging stories with a common thread running through all of them – How much are you willing to give to fulfil your MBA dream? Would you be willing to give up a cushy job and start from scratch? you be willing to stay apart from your spouse? you be willing to uproot your family from a well-settled life?

Read on to discover how Vivek’s MBA course turns out to be quite an adventurous journey with his wife Divya and their two kids. For Arpita, it is a second chance at love. Payal and Nitin make the campus their home while Geet faces a tragic loss. Join Suraj and Priya as they break away from the family business to carve out a path for themselves and discover how Rahul and Dimple spend an unusual honeymoon. 

These are just a few stories from this colorful
collection set against the backdrop of life on campus and aspirations for an MBA degree. The book is a ride through different shades of life and experiences. Whether you are single or married, this book is an absolute must read for anyone who wishes to take an unconventional decision in life.


When I got this book, my first reaction was, "Yet another love story set with the MBA backdrop? Oh, no!" But when I read the jacket and the preface, I was pleasantly surprised. Over the last 3-4 years, a few of my school friends/juniors had left their full time jobs and joined B-schools. Nothing wrong with this, except that they were married, and some were with children. I had often wondered why they did this, and how did they cope, but asking would have been encroaching private their private spaces.

My Beloved's MBA Plans by Disha is a collection of real life stories of couples, of whom, one has done just what my friends had done - given up their full time jobs, uprooted their families and joined B-schools. The journey was not smooth for any of them, but they coped. How? Read the 16 stories to know more.

More than the concept of the story, what I loved is how it is written. Concise, well-drafted and in no way, boring. I loved how quotes are added in between the narrations. Some stories talk about the changes they made in their lives while some talk about how they emerged better and stronger, at the end of it. Leaving all the securities you have built for yourself and your family, and walking on the path unknown, while dragging your close ones along, on it, one needs a lot of grit, determination and support from the family. But, as the book tells the reader, everything does fall in place. Take the risk, if that's what you have always wanted to. Solutions will come up and smoothed the cracks.

Doesn't matter if you are single or married, you will love this book. And if you, or your partner, are planning to go on the path that people in this book went, here is a guide book for you. Take inspiration from it, and jump in to release your dreams.

Rating: ****/5

[This review is for Srishti Publishers & Distributors. The opinions are strictly my own and not been written under any obligation.]

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  1. Does this book also cover information about one-year MBA? I’m planning to do that as I have a job which I cannot afford to quit. I would love to get some advice on how to get admission.


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