Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Book Review: Mom In The City by Kausalya Saptharishi

On the jacket:

When single working mother, Ira, enrolls her son, Abhi, at Bumblebees, a posh playschool in Lutyens Delhi, little does she know what she is getting into. The other moms are everything she is not impeccably groomed, couture sporting fashionistas who do coffee at trendy joints, throw lavish birthday parties for their children and holiday in exotic locales. In her eagerness to befriend these hip moms, Ira inadvertently lets slip a lie about her marriage that could lead to her being ostracized from this clique.

When the dashing Vasu comes back into her life, Ira asks him to pose as her fake husband to help her save face before these women. But will her lie be found out? Will Ira and Vasu part ways or embark on a new beginning together?

Replete with memorable characters, Mom in the City is an intimate, humorous and poignant story about contemporary motherhood, love and life in India. The first of its kind in the Indian mom lit genre.


Mom in the City has a very attractive and stylish cover, it was the main component which attracted me towards reading the book. I was not very sure if I wanted to read this genre, but the read was definitely pleasant.

A tale about a single mother, working in publishing and managing work, home and child and fighting the loving and indulgent family who want her to settle near to where they are, so that they can keep an eye on both of her. 

The events that unravel and the the flair with which the story is written, makes Mom in the City  a very enjoyable read. This is not your regular chit-lit, this is a proper story with a substance. I haven't read Kausalya Saptharishi's previous book, The TamBrahm Bride but reading this book, I gauge it would be a fun read and is in my to-read list now.

From interacting with the prim and proper, dolled up mothers of the other children at her son's school, to finding Vasu back in her life, to managing everything under the sun - Ira, our leading lady has a roller coaster life. Witty and a good read, Mum in the City is one of the best reads by Indian authors, that I have read this year!

Rating: ****/5

[This review is for Random House India. The opinions are strictly my own and not been written under any obligation.] 

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