Thursday, August 1, 2013

August, Day 1: Idol Worshiping. Human idols.

So, apparently, Salman and SRK have made up. We don't know if they will be back to being friends again, but I suppose they will be behaving cordially in public. SRK won't be passing remarks at SK and he in turn wouldn't be ignoring SRK in public.

Have their fans made up? No.

I am a Salman fan. My favourite Hindi films are Devdas, KKHH and Mohabbatein. I haven't watched any SRK movie after Devdas; I find the promos disgusting. I don't give much credibility to Salman's acting; I watch them to drool over him. So do I hate SRK? No. Am I blind to Salman's wrongdoings? No.

But, this is not the expected protocol. Over the social media, one is expected to hate SRK if they love Salman and vice versa. 

Most fans of Dravid that I know of, pass snide remarks at Ganguly all the time. Ganguly fans don't consider anyone worth a thought. Dravid and Ganguly, incidentally are friends. Their fans are foes.

Sonam Kapoor is joked about for her small bust. These same people find Keira Knightly hot.

It's considered hip to bitch about Chetan Bhagat. Half the people who diss CB read DD etc and have begun reading a year or two ago. Most don't even know why people who have read a lot of authors don't like him. Actually, people who have solid reasons to speak against CB, don't do that much...they just don't read him. Others read him and trash him. 

My question is, Why?

Why do we have so much hatred towards people who are successful? What have we done to think we have the right to do this? Loving one person doesn't mean hating their rival or contemporary. Also, if someone is hating the star you are a fan of, you don't have to hate the person they are fans of. Do you?

We say we follow Gandhi, we read Gandhi, we celebrate Gandhi. But we lack the one thing he tried to preach - be tolerant. We are intolerant, and where? In realms where film stars, sportsmen etc are involved. Do they care that you are fighting with your best friend, over your individual choices? Do they care you are searching for every demeaning tweet about the star you don't like? Does your action hurt them, or make the other happy?


All it does it show you in a bad light. You, your upbringing, your sense of good - everything becomes questionable. They are entertainers, doing what they love the most, do the best and earn the highest from. Enjoy them! Pamper them, pay for their performances. Celebrate them. But don't demean them by demeaning yourselves! A star is known by the fans he has, at times.

Disclaimer: This is my personal opinion. While healthy, fair discussion is welcome, baseless arguments are not.


  1. i agree with most of the things u wrote except the CB part. i was a fan of his writing having read his books and articles few times over. once i heard him speak in a live show and i was part of the audience. thats the time i lost respect for him. he came as a motivational speaker and he spoke for 2 hrs. all he did in the entire length of the speech was to advertise himself,his ads, his films and his family. he also told he owns a mercedes and plans to shop after the speech is over!

  2. Social Media especially Twitter demands so much of your input all the time to climb the social ladder and mostly you only go up if you are sarcastic and lame about real famous people. Now the claim to fame of these famous people might be debatable but still they are famous.


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