Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Giveaway: The Other Side Of The Table by Madhumita Mukherjee


So, Words' Worth by Samarpita finally has an awesome, awesome book giveaway, in association with Fingerprint! publishing

Why a double awesome? Because! 

a) Two things are up for grabs -> awesome + awesome, and, 
b) This contest will bring out a very creative side to you!

So, tell me, who doesn't love receiving letters, eh? Receiving them by post, reading them, keeping them neatly folded and tucked in a small box, taking them out once in a while when the heart is sad and reading them. We all love that, right?

This doesn't really happen much anymore. So, why don't we relive the past? Tell us how you write your letters!

Write the first line or last line of a letter you would want to write to anyone, friend, lover, sister, brother, parents, enemy... in 140 characters. 
Eg :
Dear Pumpkin, I miss you. I miss your sweet, round, plump self and your gorgeous baby elephant walk...


Dear X,  I must end my letter by pointing out the horrible truth, that you are wicked, wicked... and I must burn your effigy next Dussehra...

What do you win?

A voucher worth Rs 1000/- which can be redeemed at AND a copy of THE OTHER SIDE OF THE TABLE BY MADHUMITA MUKHERJEE, both from Fingerprint! Publishing

Is that cool, or, is that cool!!

Terms and conditions of the giveaway:

 1. Leave your entry in the comments section below.

 2. Stick to word, rather, character limit.

 3. Giveaway is restricted to India only.

 4. Giveaway ends on September 14, 2013 at midnight (IST).  

5. The contest will be judged by author Madhumita Mukherjee. Decision taken by the judge will be final and cannot be disputed. 

6. The contest is open to all residents in India.

7. Only entries in English will be considered eligible for the contest.

8. The winning entry will win a gift voucher worth Rs. 1000/- from Fingerprint! Publishers and a copy of The Other Side Of The Table by Madhumita Mukherjee. The voucher can be redeemed at within 30 days of receipt.

9. Submitted entries should be your original work; no plagiarism shall be entertained.

10. Only one entry per person is allowed. In case of multiple entries, only the first entry will be considered valid.

About The Other Side of The Table by Madhumita Mukherjee 
Circa 1990.
A world drawn and woven with words.
A bond punctuated by absence and distance . . .
Two continents. Two cities. Two people.
And letters. Hundreds of them.
Over years. Across oceans. Between hearts.

Between Abhi, who is training to be a neurosurgeon in London, and Uma, who is just stepping into the world of medicine in Kolkata.

As they ink their emotions onto paper, their lives get chronicled in this subtly nuanced conversation through letters . . . letters about dreams, desires, heartbreaks, and longings . . . about a proverbial good life falling apart, about a failed marriage, a visceral loss, and about a dream that threatens social expectations . . .

Letters that talk. And don’t. Letters about this and that. Letters about everything . . .
Letters with a story you would never expect.


A beautiful novel written in the form of letters, it’s a candid and heart-warming exchange between two friends, both doctors, one in London and the other in Kolkata.
A tale of true friendship and love, the story is simple, yet powerful and appealing. It keeps the reader engaged till the very last word.
A soft, poignant, and subtle romance.

About our contest sponsors

Fingerprint is India’s youngest independent publisher of commercial fiction and non-fiction paperbacks and e-books. It is part of the publishing cell of Prakash Books, which has published some of India’s finest coffee table books over the past few years. Fingerprint drives this cell’s foray into commercial paperbacks and e-books at affordable prices for readers.

For any queries, contact me at @BookLuster on twitter.


  1. Dear me, this is your soul-speak. Don't wait for him and die every day, every minute. Live, till you finally die..and love, someone..

  2. I have been writing letters since I was a kid. And still do! Though the number has decreased of-course. Earlier my letters used to start like this-
    Dear XYZ,
    Hello! How're you doing? Hope this letter finds you in the pink of health! How're everyone at home? ............

    And now, it starts something like this-
    Hey! Ssup! How u doin? Well we do keep each other updated on Facebook & Whatsapp so there is not much to talk about. :/

    So basically, I miss the good ol' days.

  3. Dear Life,

    Thank you for everything you have given to me till date. Even if given a choice, I wouldn't change a thing. Keep the surprises coming in...

  4. Oh man...this is something that really made me nostalgic. Reminded me of all those letters that I used to write and receive well into my teens. Regardless of whether I win this or not, I am gonna love this.

    Okay, so here it goes. Read between the lines. :)

    Bunny, pardon me if this reaches you late. It took time for my words to come back after you left. They're back now, and I'm on my way ahead.
    - Sameer More

  5. Dear Bamboo,

    you could have been anything to me,but you chose to be "THE" best friend. thank you for not letting me ruin that for us. EVER.

  6. I so wanted to write this in 140 words but abiding by the conditions here goes the last part of the letter


    Sorry for space crunch; suck your thumb well, kick more because they are banned here. Take care of each other till you reach mommy’s hands.


  7. The moment I read about writing letter, I.just had to share this. The one and only letter written to be by my love 13years ago. And this how it was..

    If u find the sweet and beautiful robber who robbed my heart, please ask her to keep it with herself. Yours and only yours.. Forever..

    He still ends the mail with this!!!

  8. I once wrote an email to her and sent it across. Which ended something like this.

    Finally Sorry for staring so much that day! I just couldn't take my eyes of your beautiful smile and was completely lost in your eyes.

  9. Dear Chidhu, Missing the as always unending fights, where in the end you sleep with my favorite Bear cuddling me along..Come Soon.

  10. In response to pumpkin

    I just read it & got goosebumps.You re the BEST that one can be. Thank you for being everything that you are :) Love you pumpkin!

    Your bamboo.

  11. Dear Maa, I know u probably are surprised to find this letter because I usually don’t do such stuff, but I wanted u to know something & thought this may be a good way to talk to u.....

  12. Dear A,
    For all that you made me feel, for all the pain, the ecstasy, the love and the deceptions, I have but one thing to say. THANK YOU

    1. @Samarpita,

      My entry was shown as anonymous :-)


  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Dear Fingers,
    Oh your touch! Those static shock you get after using me for a long time, that's the token of my appreciation. Yours, Keyboard

  15. Dear Me,
    Its ok to fail,its ok to fall,Dont lose hope because its not ok to lose hope.Get up,lets try once more.

  16. Dear 16-year-old-self,

    "...the world will change when you become me, even your perception will. It's scary and unsafe here; be strong, be honest. Love as much as you can!"

    Your 24-year-old-self.

  17. Dear Monday

    With great pain and agony after spending the most romantic time with my love last weekend i write to you. Can you delay your arrival by a day so i can sleep some more in arms of love of my life.

    your's forever after you delay your arrival
    hopeless romantic

  18. Dear Words,
    For rearing within me for the last 204 months.For belonging to my heart, my soul, my self. For a horribly good amount of thank you and treasured moments.

  19. Dear You,

    My heart aches with the amount of love I have for you.
    You mean the world to me.
    I wish you understood.
    I wish you could...

    Love. Me.

  20. Love,

    Sitting under the magnolia tree in my indigo shirt and sipping coffee with my guitar for company, I wish you were here, with your ambrosial hair on my shoulders, humming the crescendo of a symphony that was never meant to be.

    Yours ever.

  21. Dear Roshni,life seems better with you around.You are not born of me but you will be my baby always.For the love and friendship we share,thanks

  22. Dear Dreams, If not for you, wouldn't strive to make you come true. Sometimes shattered, gave vigour to build more dreams, anew! - A Reality

  23. Just to let you know sweetheart, may what happens WE matter & situations will soon change because WE are meant to be!


  24. You have been a wonderful dad, and I hope someday my children will say the same for me. Written to my dad, who he was not keepin well, about a month before he expired

  25. Being a surgeon and that too in a long distance relationship with another doctor, I think I am going to love your book.

    My ode to her-

    "I still marvel at the Gods for that moonlit night when you said "YES".Today,a thousand miles away,I wish you could come here & say it again."

  26. Dear Papa,

    The moment I entered this world till the moment I leave, I want the same person who was my architect, to be the creator, mentor, designer, painter & executor of the eventful moments we had & we will share. . . .

  27. Dear ME,

    Open up the doors of ur heart & love again. A hurt heart shouldn't restrict u from loving the lovely world again...

  28. "Lastly, I don't know if it was for your lip balm or your love but ever since the day everything I taste reminds me of you.
    Totally in love with you,

  29. Dear Papa
    You are the most essential person of my life. You are the one who stood by to help me grow. Thank you for teaching me to become strong and check that what is right and what is wrong. Thank you for listening to me in the hard situations. Thank you for guiding me every time when I was wrong.. Thank you for teaching me the meanings of hard work, respect, loyalty and integrity. Thanks for teaching me the importance of all the things that I have taken for granted. Thanks for your unconditional love, strength and support that helped me to make the person that I am today.
    Thanks again
    With Love
    Your daughter

    1. Hi Shalu,
      Wonderful note from a daughter to her father.
      However, there is a limit of 140 characters, for the entry to qualify.
      Would you want to redo your entry? :-)

    2. okay:)
      Do you want me to increase the length of the note.

  30. Dear Mind,
    I love the way you handle all the pressure that's out there in the world in order to fulfill your beautiful ambition.
    Just want you to know if in this battle you ever feel weak emotionally, I will always be there to pull you out of trouble...

    1. Hi Mukesh,
      Thank you for the entry, it's beautiful.
      However, there is a work limit of 140 characters, for the entry to qualify.
      Would you want to redo your entry? :-)

  31. Dear Mind,
    Let go of the inhibitions and that fear. Believe in magic. I know you want to be logical always, but sometimes let me take the lead and trust me you won't regret.


  32. Dear Parent-to-be,
    It is great fortune to carry the responsibility baggage. It’s your privilege and burden. Often tell the child, "It's okay. Love & live".

  33. My dear father it’s a letter where my unsaid dialogue lies.At times when I repine your absence I feel lone and with ur presence it cuts off.

  34. I end a letter to my SISTER with :

    In one word, you're awesome.
    Don't you ever forget it :)


  35. ...Writing this to you, not for today but a day when you can read it again and smile at the memory of this time. and remember how we were, are.

  36. Dad
    Remember how you told me you can bear anything but my tears?Well,no man has ever made cry like you're doing.Hope you're good in heaven.

  37. Dear God,
    First of all a big tight hug to you for everything. Thank you so much. I know I have been so impatient and restless. I forget you when my life goes smooth. In bad times I blame you and ask you to prove your existence but still you never leave me. You never disappoint me. You are always there to bless me. You have given me such a loving mother and a sweet father. They care for me like you do. No matter how many plans and strategies I make but your way is always the best. I am glad you never see what I did in the past rather keep showering your blessings all the time. I don't have words to pay gratitude to you but still Thanks a ton for loving this daughter this much.

  38. Dear God

    Thank you for everything, you have been very kind till now. May be I took a couple of wrong decisions in life but for them I am myself to be blamed.
    Stay with me always as you always have been.

  39. The contest has ended. I will get back with the result once the judge and the sponsors have decided on the winner.

    Thank you all for participating! :-)

  40. The contest has ended. I will get back with the result once the judge and the sponsors have decided on the winner.

    Thank you all for participating! :-)

  41. Well, I am just seeing this.
    This is not for the competition, but it is such a beautiful concept, that I feel I have to write.

    I keep rereading our chats where you said you were afraid of losing me.I wonder how you managed to get over that fear.I am lost.
    Love, K

  42. The contest has been judged and the winner declared.

    Please check for the winner and special mentions. Thanks a lot!! :-)


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