Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Book Review: Techie @ Heart by Karthik S

On the jacket:

When I got into India's top-most software company, I thought, Dude, your life is set.

My future was bright, my parents were damn proud of me, my hot girlfriend and I planned a great life together.

Then things began to happen...crazy things I had not foreseen...

I was forced to reassess my reconfigure the way I look again at this thing they call love...

I am Karthik S. And this is my story.


A quick read, Techie @ Heart is exactly what the title suggests. Karthik is Tam-Bram boy, who has gotten into one of the country's best IT companies and made his parents proud. The company and it's description are on similar lines as Infosys, and Karthik's journey or a techie life begins with his training at Silky's sprawling campus. He walks into the campus with big dreams, but life unfolds and things change.

The Tam-Bram's famous ego, Karthik pondering albeit just a bit that his girlfriend was not a virgin when they made love for the first times, him lashing out at his cool roomie in anger saying he is afterall a Punjabi, Karthik's father's righteousness - these are subtle nuances throwing light at how people do think, however much they deny. 

His sister is five years older to him, and while he has just joined work, she completed her MBBS a year ago. Strange. Also, usage of terms like 'cousin brother' were blatant to the eye and a bit of a turn-off. Karthik has joined silky as an employee, yet there was comparison with Harvard etc and the benefits the students there got. This bit didn't make much sense. 

A light, fun read peppered with humour and emotions, the author has stuck on to the language that would be used by an average 20-something young lad. A nice travel read.

Rating: ***.5/5

[This review is for Hachette India. The opinions are strictly my own and not been written under any obligation.]

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