Saturday, August 24, 2013

Book Review: Lady, You're Not a Man! : The Adventures of a Woman at Work by Apurva Purohit

On the jacket:

Today's woman wants to make a success of both family and career and is unwilling to compromise on either. But the burden of coping with deadlines, recalcitrant children, lazy husbands, difficult bosses and equally difficult in-laws can be daunting, even overwhelming. In this book, Apurva Purohit, CEO of Radio City 91.1 FM, shows how women can accept, adapt and achieve their way to the highest rung in every arena. Through real-life stories and funny anecdotes, she provides pithy tips on a multitude of topics: from training husbands to training interns, from the right attitude to getting it right with kids, from dealing with household crises to office emergencies, from building a reputation to paving ones way to the top. Warm, witty and empathetic, Lady, You're Not a Man! is a must-read for every woman on the quest for work-home balance and determined to succeed in her career and live a happy and fulfilling life.


I wanted to get my hands on this book from the time I had seen it's cover. So when it arrived, I got on to reading it without any delay in time.

When I shared a pic of the cover of this book on instagram and facebook, I got mixed reviews. Most people took it literally. While I knew it attempts to be a handbook for all working women, I realised it was much more. 

Lady, You're Not a Man! is not just a handbook for a woman at work, it is an echo of a working woman's mind. More if the woman is married, and even more if she has children. It's not easy to survive in what is still the man's world - the work area. And for a woman, it's not just about surviving at work, it is also about surviving at home and society.

Purohit heads one of the nation's biggest radio channels and has been juggling work and home since more than two decades now. In the book, she brings in her own perspective as well as anecdotes from her own life; all of which we can relate to. The book begins with a very interesting point - at work, a woman dons either of two roles. She is either Chandni, or she is Chameli. Chandnis of the world are the aggressive, loud mouthed, hard working, whip lashing women with low tolerance. They fight their ways up the ladder. The Chamelis are the delicate ones who bat their eyelashes to get their works done. Thought provoking.

Another interesting point was, with both parents working, kids get neglected. In such a situation, men hardly ever sit and home and tend to the family. Ego. But, if they ever do, the society (women, specially) pose so many questions and doubts, that another man might not want to get into this situation. So what happens? While a handful of men want to help their wives manage home, it's the women who end up doing it all.

Then the author has spoken about the most common topics which working tend to be harassed about - mothers-in-law and husbands, calling it the suffering sita syndrome.

These are just a small fragment of what is discussed in the book. The content is to the point, at places hard hitting and very very precise. Every working woman needs to read this book, not just to get pointers - but to smile, and be amazed when they realise all of us are on the same boat, yet we can achieve it all.

Rating: *****/5

[This review is for Rupa Publications. The opinions are strictly my own and not been written under any obligation.] 


  1. Even I have been raring to get my hands on this book. I have got it but I will not be able to read for atleast a month or two. But it is such an interesting subject since I have also been a professional [some time in my life].

    1. it's a quick read, reema...see if u can squeeze it in and read it :)

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